GML: Be Happy

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One of the one things I’ve always thought is that when you sit on a plane – you will automatically be placed by an older person who will give you some sort of life lesson to take with you. Having just gotten over my insane fear of flying in the past year, I have only sat next to my boyfriend and an old couple who slept the whole way. That all ended this week when me and the boyfriend were separated and an older woman from a small town in Arizona was the window seat to my middle. The flight took a little over five hours and I feel like we talked at least four of them. She told me of her travels, her four kids (even the son she does not care to mention), her reason for having to head to UCLA every three weeks for medical treatment – basically I know more about her than I do most people in my life. In the middle of the flight she gave me the book she’d just finished and hoped I’d enjoy it as much as her, but it was this one bit of wisdom she spit out about two and a half hours in that stuck with me more, “You’re only as happy as you want to be.”

I will let you take that and run with it however you want but me, I’m holding it for dear life until the end of my days. It’s not out of the norm to complain more than we praise during the day and you know what…that complaining only makes you bummed out. So I just can’t anymore. Ha, that’s not to say I’m forever void of it, but this older woman’s words and Shonda Rhimes book about her year of yes – I want to start living in a more positive light because it’s such a waste to be mad about the littlest things. So you’re a little overweight? Don’t fucking cry about it and tweet about it – go for a run. Your job is draining your soul? Whenever you have free time, look for anything else. My new girl Shonda noted that dreamers aren’t realistic. It’s the doers who well, get shit done. Stop dreaming about that perfect life, and actually do something to achieve it because like that older lady said, “You’re only as happy as you want to be.” Now let’s get to what makes people happy…music!

The Donkeys started their tour last night in San Francisco and will be on and off the road throughout mid-August when they end their summer in LA at The Hi Hat. On Sunday The Noble Thiefs will be starting their June run in The Windy City before they hit Summerfest at the end of the month. Then come July 23 Diarrhea Planet will start touring here and there through October. Now onto this week’s video picks.

AyOwA “Sommer”

Evering “Have No Fear”

Dave Hanson “Joanna”

The Split Seconds “How Was I To Know”

Banff feat. Caitlin Park “My Love, My Lover”


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