#FBF: FANatic

In all honesty, if I won the lottery tomorrow – I’d first make sure my student loans were obsolete, take care of my loved ones, travel a bit and then I’d work to bring back MTV’s FANatic. I wouldn’t even care if it was on that network. In fact, I’d rather recreate it, name it something new and take it anywhere else so it wouldn’t have to follow Teen Mom 3.0, a show that now follows the lives of the kids who were born on the first season of 16 and Pregnant as they go through their own parenthood adventures. Oh no, I could not have that as FANatic was a gem.

Yes, I’m 100% bias because that’s what you are towards things you grew up with, and FANatic was one of my favorites. Why? I fucking love fans. Let me rephrase, I love normal to insane fans but once they cross the line from insane to delusional, I’m out. I love the guys and gals who worship their favorite celebrities, am not freaked out by those who know every little fact…the ones who SWEAR they will marry Jared Leto – Done. Your 51/50 ass is not allowed on my new and improved FANatic. Which now that I’ve decided it’s too good for MTV, I’m thinking of new names. What do you think of Fantasmic? Is that a thing already…

New name aside, let’s talk about why the OG was amazing. It took super fans of people like Backstreet Boys to Eminem to David Spade (yes, he has super fans – or at least one) and let them not only meet them, but interview them. Plus, we got to see their submission video to see just how big of a fan they were. Those were glorious. As someone who had absolutely no blank space on their walls – I was enamored when I saw the same thing from fans who loved their favorites just as much as I loved mine. Just thinking about this now has put a smile on my face and trust – I was just crying an hour or so ago and in one of the worst moods…ever. Now I’m reliving FANatic and feeling fantastic. Uh, Fantasmic. Someone copyright that for me. Thanks!

Remember this ya’ll, FANatic was back in the day before social media. Long before you could tweet at Taylor Swift a million times a day in hopes for a response, there was no real way to get this kind of gratification. Unless of course you lived in New York City and got to go to TRL, made a fabulous sign and then got picked to come up and meet The Offspring. The late 90’s and early 00’s, where’d you go? Come back. Today is dumb. Kids today, I would hope…HOPE would appreciate something like Fantasmic. Imagine. They could even Snapgram their submissions. Of course, as creator and executive producer I would ignore all of those and always go for the more “old school” approach of someone who put actual thought into a YouTube submission. They could relay about how much they obviously love Kim Kardashian, how much they’ve spent on her stupid app, tell us how they named their own pets North and Saint, or even that all their animals’ names start with “K.” It’s sad that there are probably people out there like this, but even sadder that I want to find them and put them face to face with Kim herself.

If only I could win the lottery or hell, if MTV saw this and wanted to make me the head person – I’d allow them to bring the show back and we wouldn’t even have to rename it Fantasmic. Only one thing though, it could not follow Teen Mom 3.0 because I don’t want Grandpa Gary popping up in his half shirt with a Wal-Mart ring for his latest fiance. So the ball’s in your court now MTV. I’ll be waiting by my email for a note. If not, Fantasmic will be shopped around.


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