Field Trips Developments with Cindy L. Huang

Everyone has things about them eir loved ones instantly know about them. Like that one cousin who collects nothing but frogs, the friend who is always posting about Italy, or that girl who always has a camera in her hand. That girl could be any one of the women featured this month, but this week and in my life, it’s Cindy L. Huang.

A friend for some years now, the make and model of her picture snapper escapes me because as long as it takes a picture, I consider it a camera. I’m not technical, but Cindy – oh she can tell you about them like a gearhead can rattle on about cars. She’s not a professional photographer like Erica or Elli, but she’s damn good and if she wanted to be, I’m sure she could. Instead she’s a 28-year-old woman who picked up a camera for the first time basically because her dad told her not to touch his expensive Pentax SFX. The rebellious child then saw the developments and was hooked, “I just wanted to capture everything,” she said. Now she does whether it’s at a show, hanging out with friends, or on her Field Trip adventures.

Kendra: So you have gone on these grand adventures with these Field Trip folks. Can you explain really quick what they are, and then let us know what you’ve personally gained from these excursions?

Cindy: Ah how do I even put it into words? Field Trip is a gathering of people in the creative field whether it be photography or videography to come together as a community and learn from each other and together. I know that sounds pretty corny, but pretty much imagine a bunch of creative people living together, eating together, learning together (whether it is from photographers they admire or from each other) for a few days. Going to Field Trip for me personally has been intimidating. I always say I like big groups, turns out, I REALLY DON’T. It’s scary, it’s nerve-wrecking and I just don’t think I’m ever good enough. With that said, through Field Trip I’ve been able to meet some of the photographers that I admire and along the way make new friends from all over the country, learn to work on myself more and look up to more photographers- because not only are they amazing photographers but they are amazing people. I’ve also learned that even the best photographers are insecure about their work, that I shouldn’t put myself down because I’m not “so and so.”

Kendra: During those trips, or perhaps elsewhere, what has been the best advice you’ve gotten about photography so far?

Cindy: One of the best advice I’ve received is somewhere along the lines of, shoot for yourself, shoot what makes you happy and screw the critics.

Kendra: Now you don’t photograph professionally (even though you should because you got it kid!), but what if you got a job offer to take photos for a living but it wasn’t the best paying gig in the world, would you take it?

Cindy: Eeep thank you. I’m not brave enough to do it professionally even though I would really love to…with that tid-bit, yup, I would. If it means I get to be with a camera in my hand, get to take pictures that tells a story and get to travel…I wouldn’t say no. It’ll be the push I would need even if I’m not making it rain a million dollars. At least it’s paying me something, so I won’t feel guilty.

IMGP2858 copy
Kendra: A little lighter, is there one camera you’d do anything to own?

Cindy: Yes…A Hasselblad 500 CM…preferably all black even though people most prefer the chrome, but really, not picky at all. I’m currently forcing myself to complete a marathon in order to even start looking at buying the camera. Mind you, I HATE running. I was the kid in high school that walked half the time because running and I do not get along, so yup.

Kendra: Thinking about the Field Trip and possibly the next one you may be planning in reality or in your head, if you had to make a mixtape for the next one you find yourself on – what five songs would have to be on it?

Cindy: In no particular order.
Brian Fallon – “A Wonderful Life
New Found Glory – “Ballad for the Lost Romantics
Paramore – “Turn It Off
CHVRCHES – “Make Them Gold
Sara Bareilles – “Eden
McFly “Stargirl
Gosh, I’m so predictable…

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