The Softer Side of The Heydays of Silence

Bands that sound like The Heydays of Silence used to be the reason my mom wouldn’t step foot into Hot Topic. Today that’s more or less the same, but then again – she doesn’t realize that underneath all that pulsating rock and roll lays sweethearts. That’s what we explored when we talked with The Heydays of Silence’s David as he opened up about their scowls, the Maryland locals and of course their music in this new interview that’s waiting for you below.

Kendra: You make this extremely aggressive music, but you guys are probably as soft as kittens – right?

David: We are friendly, in our way. We only walk around with scowls draped across our faces about 60% of the time. After all, kittens grow to become cats, and cats are fucking sketchy.

Kendra: Maryland has always seemed quite quaint in my head. Are you guys scaring the locals with your music, or are their some rough spots out there?

David: I suppose there are rough spots everywhere. It seems both tragedy and miracle know no bounds. Maryland definitely has it’s fine mix of both. Although we’ve had varied responses, we’d like to believe that anyone from anywhere could potentially gravitate and grab a hold of what we are all about.

Kendra: Adele obviously writes the best when she’s sad about a guy or something. What mood is the best for you when it comes to writing?

David: While we certainly lean towards the “down trotting” side of things, we just write whatever needs to be written. Honestly, a song both can be inspired by anything. We are a sonic representation of the human condition. Admittedly, as of late, the music and lyrics have been driven more by guilt than by sadness.

Kendra: Listening to “Liars/Thieves,” all I could think of were pirates. With that, what band’s tour bus would you want to storm and commander for a week and why?

David: Perhaps, Horse the Band. They seem like a thrill a minute, both on and off stage. Could make for a good fight and some heavy drinking!

Kendra: Fast Asleep in Vast & Deep Oceans is out and about, but are you guys yearning to get back into the studio and crank out another EP soon?

David: We are almost always anxious to create and record. We do all of our production ‘in house’ so we almost always have something, just up our sleeves. Keep your eyes and ears peeled!

Kendra: What are your plans for the next few months as far and touring goes?

David: We essentially play anywhere that will have us. We are currently lining up shows for the remainder of the year. As for touring, maybe to coincide with an upcoming release?

Kendra: We know you rock hard, but what about the softer side of you guys? So if you had to make a mixtape based around the songs that people would be most surprised you liked, what five songs would be on it?

Bell Biv Devoe – “Poison
Hall and Oates – “Maneater
Bill Withers – “Ain’t No Sunshine
.38 Special – “Caught Up In You
Kimbra – Can’t pick just one!


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