Knola: To The Rhythm

Whatever it is that makes you smile, that’s the thing you should live for – and in all honestly, I don’t think anyone smiles when it comes to hate. With that said, for most – music is that thing and this blog will always be about the music. With that, we have Knola’s debut LP that just dropped this past Friday. So To The Rhythm is available now to download or you now if you want to go old school and pick it up on tape, there’s that too. Which may be appropriate since at times I thought this was a grunge band right out of the 90’s.

Right away, there’s pain in the vocals as “Moving Along” comes in with a short burst of angst, and is then followed by the very bittersweet “Weight.” While some may lean towards those more aggressive tunes, I liked when things calmed down with “Cottage Grove” and “Winter Skin,” but it was the story behind “House.” A person stuck in a relationship they obviously don’t want to be in, but the fear of letting down their partner keeps them in place. It’s an interesting concept, and sang the loudest to me for some reason compared to all the others as did “Fireworks” for the eye opening lyric about fireworks at a funeral. The imagery will make ears perk and imaginations run wild.

At times Knola was like a garage band in the 90’s verging on the edge of grunge, and at other times they were a band that fans of Death Cab and American Football would like to catch when they were in town. A balancing act of all of that culminates well on Knola’s debut LP, To The Rhythm, out now.


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