#FBF: Disney Channel in Concert – Backstreet Boys

Today kids are okay with six seconds of their favorite celebrity on Snapgram. Uh, no. I come from a time where satisfaction only came from endless specials on any and all channels that would have my beloved Backstreet Boys. Whether it was a TRL appearance or popping up on Sabrina, the Teenage Witch, or the wonder that was their Disney Channel Concert.

Do you know how mad I still am that I wasn’t able to go to this? Yeah, it was in New York and I was over in the desert in California. Yeah, my mom wouldn’t have taken me even if it was in the same state, but still – raging. The concert, now that I’m thinking back couldn’t have been in a venue larger the The Wiltern out in LA. Ugh, imagine? Then of course in between the performances, you got to see the guys just hanging out and being normal. The most notable was them shooting hoops somewhere in what I can only imagine was Brooklyn or something. It was a chance to not only see them sing and dance magically with hats and chairs, but a chance to see parts of a place that may as well have been a different planet for a kid out in the desert who, at the time, hadn’t been anywhere further than San Diego once.

Disney Channel Concerts were great in that way. They not only delivered top notch performances, but also let you see your favorite artists behind the scenes – and also new places. Also, I’m looking at a list of their concerts…while I don’t think Britney Spears is a vocal gem – I don’t think she deserved to be lumped in with a New Kids on the Block embarking on a solo career at the time. Also, how sad is it that Aaron Carter and Samantha Mumba were the last one of these to air?

I’m not too hip with the kids, but I know Radio Disney is still a thing and that they could totally bring this series back for a new generation. Hey, look how much kids are loving Girl Meets World. It’s clear that there still are kids who want to be kids, and just don’t want to be glued to Snapgram. So Disney, get back on it and make these happen again and for old times sake, air the OG ones once in awhile.


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