Courtney Hart on Swift, Stevie and Her “White Cadillac”

Official White Cadillac Cover
We barely scratched the surface of all that Courtney Hart brings to the table. Her Twitter bio alone lets you know she’s not only a singer-songwriter, but well, you can see for yourself that she’s also an actor and advocate with strong feelings, but we’re here to talk about her musical side. With a new EP out this summer and her single, “White Cadillac,” out and about – it had to be our focus this time around and now let’s hear more of what this talented songstress had to say about her country meets rock style, her favorite Stevie Nicks and more!

Kendra: You’ve got this rock meets country thing going on. What’s your take on the old school folks who don’t like the whole mixing of genres when it comes to country music?

Courtney Hart: I think rock has always been complimentary to country! I understand old school folks like that very deep southern sound, but as anything in life, we all have a prerogative and what we like and don’t like! I’m really inspired by Tom Petty and Stevie Nicks and I feel like they blend rock and country sounds incongruently and beautifully. I don’t see a problem with taking a risk and mixing sounds!

Kendra: With that, do you think Ms. Swift should still be winning country awards? To be fair, I’m not sure she’s won any in awhile, but still…

Courtney: I think Taylor Swift is an amazing artist and is exploring her sound. She made the decision to go pop and she’s winning a lot of awards doing pop and I think her country music will always resonate with her fans and I hope one day she comes back to her country roots!

Kendra: Let’s talk about your music now. What was going on in your life when you sat down and penned your latest EP?

Courtney: When writing my EP, I was in a very reminiscent time of my life. I was looking back on how I’d grown as a person and love I’d lost and gained throughout the years. It only has three songs I personally wrote, but it takes you on a little journey. It’s very female empowering and I think people can relate to the stories I’m conveying.

Kendra: You tossed a Fleetwood Mac cover the mix. I’m not a fan necessarily, but that “Landslide” song can make me cry almost every time. What song does that for you?

Courtney: Oh my goodness! Fleetwood Mac is my FAVORITE. Please listen to “Rumors.” I hope it changes your mind! Adele’s “Someone Like You” gets me every time it’s so haunting and truthful.

Kendra: You said this record has a lot of sass. Were you always like that, a sassy girl with a quick tongue ready to say whatever was on her mind?

Courtney: For the most part, yes. However, it’s taken years of heartbreak and self-exploration that has molded me into a woman that can carry her own. I love to play it up in my records because I want people to be able to relate to it and feel empowered.

Kendra: Tell us more about the lead single, “White Cadillac,” and why you chose that song in particular to share with the world first…

Courtney: “White Cadillac” is actually a song about never feeling like you’re good enough for a man. We live in this era of Tinder and Bumble and it seems as though dating is disposable and you’re easily replaceable. “White Cadillac” is a crass version of owning the fact that you’re the girl that men don’t want, but wanting to be wanted all at the same time. It was a fun song and it was upbeat and I sat down in the studio with my producer and mapped it out and it turned out better than we thought it would, to be honest. I released it and people liked it!

Kendra: Will fans be seeing you live this year?

Courtney: Yes! Once the EP is released in summer, I plan on playing live in the fall! I will keep you posted!

Kendra: Since your sound is a bit of a fusion, that’s where we’ll go with this. If you had to make a mixtape of songs that fused multiple genres to perfection, what five would have to be on it?

Lana del Rey- “Florida Kilos
Stevie Nicks and Tom Petty- “Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around
James Taylor- “Line ‘em Up
Beyonce- “Haunted
Dolly Parton – “Jolene

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