Last month was all about a particular television show that I have gotten to take part in a number of times, but this month is all about music television that I hold close to my heart. Whether it be a fan’s dream come true or a Disney Channel concert you’re still pissed about not being able to attend because you lived nowhere near the venue, or today’s…my MTV favorite.

Of course every generation is completely different from the last. My mom could not understand why I would rush home to watch a countdown show on MTV just the same as I don’t understand kid’s fascination with Snapgramming their whole existence today. Nevertheless, that’s the case today and while it pains me that kids today don’t have something like Total Request Live to enhance their afternoons, I’m sure as hell glad I did. TRL, as the cool kids say, was the mecca of pop culture when I was a tween and teen. It curated the necessity of music, movies and television for years and while I ended up walking away just a bit once I reached college and sort of grew out of the pop music realm, I watched their finale and cried because it was watching a pivotal part of my existence end. Gone were the best videos, hell – gone were videos and gone was the show that made me feel okay to obsessed with pop culture as a whole.

OGs know that TRL wasn’t always “Live,” and that Carson Daly once sat in what appeared to be a basement talking about only a handful of videos at night. Then come that summer, he was moved to the daylight – and the beach – and all hell broke lose. He was the pied piper of musical trends and yes, it’s laughable to think back to his “rocker” black nails and his more “thug” approach when rappers were on, Daly remains one of my idols. To most today he’s the host of The Voice or part of that morning show ensemble, but to me and others my age, he’ll forever be the best VJ MTV has ever had. Sorry 80’s VJs, you were great for kicking things off – but 90’s kids have to roll with Daly for obvious reasons.

Fun fact: I used to keep records of the top 10 videos, who the guests were and any other notable notes that happened on each episode of TRL. Sadly, my mom didn’t think those were worthy enough to keep around once I got older and tossed them. If I had those though, I’m sure some blog would be paying me the big bucks, okay like $5, for them. To say I loved the show would be a grand understatement, I was OBSESSED. It wasn’t just because it allowed me to see Nick Carter on a daily basis, but it also introduced me to the likes of Limp Bizkit (way cool!), Korn and other bands that were not highlighted too often in Tiger Beat.

Total Request Live, it was the sort of anchor to the teeny bopper part of my life and today it remains a huge part of who I am and why I love to sit and talk about pop culture over anything else. Feelings, life – BORING. Let’s chat about why A Cinderella Story was cool until that horrendous speech about a drought, and then rate Seth Cohen’s best lines.



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