GML: Vote!

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I had a lot written down this week and then tossed it aside because all I wanted to do with this week’s post is send out a special shout out to my people in California for next week – VOTE. It’s coming up on June 7th and it’s easy to believe that we don’t have a say, but come on people. If people had just sat back and waited for change, women would not have rights, the Civil Rights movement would not be a part of history and even today, gay marriage would still be void in most states. So don’t forget to head out to those polling places on Tuesday and use the voice you have. I won’t use this to voice who I’ll be voting for, but let’s just say I am not about building a wall.

Politics aside, let’s get to the music! Hemingway will be out in June and you can of course check those days below. As for Righteous Vendetta, they won’t be out until July when they start in Nebraska and wind down in Sin City at the end of the month. A short run that’s bound to be a good time.  After the poster, make sure to check out this week’s video picks! Not to play favorites, but Xylaroo ❤

Dark Funeral “Unchain My Soul”

Bart “Yeah”

Electric Pyramid “1989

Shura “What’s It Gonna Be?

Xylaroo “On My Way”

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