Simple Plan’s Sébastien Lefebvre Opens Up About Latest Venture, idobi Radio’s ‘Man of the Hour’

As someone in their 20’s who grew up listening to bands like New Found Glory and The Starting Line, of course I was a fan of Simple Plan. However, it was at a time long before social media, so getting to be on top of your favorite band dudes was a lot harder than it is today. What they did outside of music was a mystery unless Alternative Press let me know on a monthly basis. Today though, one quick search and you’d be in the know in an instant. So with that, you’d obviously see that Simple Plan’s own Sébastien Lefebvre has taken on a new venture in his life, as the co-host of idobi’s Man of the Hour alongside his longtime pal Patrick Langlois. Being fond of one another’s humor, they clicked instantly when they started to record and that showed in the listeners that continued to tune in.

Now we’ll get a little past and present about Man of the Hour from Sébastien, as well as what this new endeavor means for Simple Plan, and more.

Kendra: What made you want to do the show in the first place?

Sébastien Lefebvre: That is actually a mystery. I remember when Tom from idobi, whom I had met at Simple Plan shows, told Patrick and I that we should do a special show on the station and play music and talk about things…I just thought it would be fun and something to do. We were between Simple Plan albums and Pat was still touring with us at the time so we had nothing better to do. Ha! We had a lot of fun recording the episode and Tom told us that a lot of people tuned in to listen.

Kendra: Man of the Hour, is this like a gentlemen’s club of sorts in any way?

Sébastien: I would not say that. I wish it had become something like that…But instead it turned into a lot of banter and a little bit of music; probably more fun this way.

Kendra: You guys aren’t shy about what you share on the air. What’s the most revealing thing you’ve ever dished about?

Sébastien: Nothing controversial I don’t think…The most revealing is probably when we talk about our wives or our kids. I don’t usually talk about that or showcase it on other platforms.

Kendra: Did you listen to a lot of radio growing up? I have no idea what you guys have up in Canada…haha, just kidding.

Sébastien: I only got a few stations in my igloo. My dad had fashioned a bigger antenna out of logs from a beaver dam that was downstream from where we were living. I could even listen to 999 the BUZZ, a station out of Vermont that you could only listen to in your car, or dog sleigh in my case, and if the antenna was pointing just right on a clear day.

Kendra: A lot of comedians and musicians like yourself are shifting towards podcasts and radio shows, why do you think that is?

Sébastien: Probably because they became fans of our show and wanted to imitate! I actually find it’s a great way for people to get to know you. On stage and in interviews, you kind of put on a band persona, and we all know social media is not real life. I feel like people actually feel like they know you when they get to listen to you talk about things with your friends. One year, in an attempt to get more music, I called upon the great eagles of the north for them to flap their wings in unison so that the radio waves would hit the antenna just right.

Kendra: When it comes to Simple Plan, we don’t see you guys branching out a lot to have solo projects and side gigs. Were the other guys in the band supportive when you told them about the show?

Sébastien: Oh yeah. We do have other things going on when we are not in band mode, but the deal is that Simple Plan comes first, and that will never change. That is one of the reason why we sometimes take longer breaks between Man of the Hour show seasons.

Kendra: What were some of your initial goals when you started the show? I mean, as a band the goals are obvious, but how do they differ and relate to when you have something like Man of the Hour?

Sébastien: The initial goal was to have fun. It seemed that the most fun we had, the more people tuned in. Now, i think the new goals are trying to break the internet and play new music. There’s a lot of bands coming out, and we’ll always have things to talk about Patrick and I. This show can never die!

Kendra: Being that your show is Man of the Hour, we’re going to keep it masculine. If you had to make a mixtape featuring songs by men who’ve shaped your career, style and life – what five songs would be on top?

Lagwagon –  “Know It All” – Joey Cape is the singer and I love his voice and delivery. They didn’t know but that song was pop punk.
Jimmy Eat World – “Lucky Denver Mint” – I’ve probably played that whole album more than anything else ever.
Jack Johnson – “Gone” – He kind of opened me up to a whole new genre of music to love.
Bon Iver – “re: Stacks” – How can Justin Vernon’s voice not move you.
Incubus – “Wish You Were Here” – I was really into heavier music at some point and Brandon Boyd’s voice was my favourite of them all.


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