Photo Credit: Capital FM
Photo Credit: Capital FM

The day will come when I say goodbye to this world and there will be a few things in the back of my mind I still believe to be as true then as they are today; Chuck E. Cheese pizza is king, Drop Dead Fred is the greatest movie ever and Usher is one of the best performers you can see for free at Jimmy Kimmel Live! No really, think about how many hits this man has. Pair that with his dance moves. Finally, add in that his fans are like that of a boy band but hyped the fuck up. The result is probably one of my top three Kimmel’s – ever.

Looking back, I think it was the summer. At least the weather was hot and I questioned why we were in the sun. If there’s one think Kimmel’s outdoor concerts are slacking on, it’s shade for those who want to wait longer than 30 minutes to be let in. Anyways, it was hot and there was one fan in particular that I will never forget. Resembling a young Gabourey Sidibe, long before Precious was a hit, she was the most amped person there. I recognized her from Backstreet Boy events, as her black and blue ensemble jogged my memory of her from there.

That girl could have been the only one there and that would’ve been enough energy for that whole outdoor and indoor audience. Hell, as I’m writing this…I’m 80% sure that girl alone was why I loved that day. Nevertheless, Usher did put on an amazing show. Plus, fun fact…I am amazed by the ability to dance. Not just robotically moving to steps someone taught you *cough* Britney Spears *cough* but acutally being able to glide from point A to point B with an angelic like essence. This is why I’m enamored with Jason Derulo today.

Usher, one of the many artists I’ve seen thanks to Jimmy Kimmel Live! of which I’d never pay for in real life. He’s on the list alongside Ricky Martin, Pink, Rick Springfield and so many others. That’s the beauty of this show if you live in LA, free music is just a click away. So that’s it for a month down memory lane at a significant TV taping. Next month we’ll look back at my favorite music related TV moments from Disney Channel concerts to the show that still makes my heart smile when I think of it today.


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