Cooper Anstett: From the Ice to the Stage

Like one of those stories you’d hear during the audition rounds of The Voice or the now cancelled American Idol, Cooper Anstett’s tale is unique. He wouldn’t be someone they just passed by as he’s not only a guy who can carry a tune, but he also carried a stick – of the hockey nature. Growing up in Detroit, Cooper admits that “it’s a given” to be influenced by the Motown waves in the air. From it just being rooted in his hometown to his mom’s heavy vinyl collection, that soul was constantly flowing and soon he found his own voice. But while he could sing, he also found that he had quite the set of skills on the ice. Now we’ll get to his days playing competitively, where he’s heading next and more.

Kendra: You have quite a surprising sounding voice. It’s got this insanely rugged, masculine casing. Are people often surprised when you open up and start singing?

Cooper: Yeah. I think people tend to be surprised especially when they hear my tunes and then proceed to ask if that’s me singing. The same thing happens live and it is always kinda funny when people say things about it because I must see myself totally different than other people. Not that I think I’m a masculine rugged dude or anything ;). That’s the cool thing about singing though, the voice doesn’t have a specific image it is suppose to align with, its just my voice.

Kendra: Like the great Troy Bolton of High School Musical, you’re not only a singer – you’re a jock as well. Can we assume your life balancing music and hockey is not as dramatic as the Disney movie?

Cooper: Everyone’s life has its own drama, but I don’t know if anything compares to a high school of kids who all sing and dance constantly and are never in class. With that being said my competitive hockey life I have moved on from, but the decision to move on from competitive hockey to focus more on music was a huge decision in my life. I was always viewed as a hockey player and the transition I made threw some people off, but I didn’t make the decision to please anyone else.

Kendra: How supportive were your teammates when it came to your music career?

Cooper: My teammates have been incredibly supportive. The hockey community overall has been supporting me as well, which is really special for me because it is a community that I have been a part of my whole life. When my first EP came out, old teammates who have since moved on to college or professional hockey took to social media to show their support of the project. Every time a release any new content I have a solid group of hockey tastemakers that are on my side and I am really thankful for that. It is a really loyal community and it is one I am lucky to be a apart of in some way.

Kendra: They have to love your latest single, “Wrong,” right? With that, what’s one thing you’ve done wrong in the past week that you wish you could go back and make right?

Cooper: Oh yeah, “Wrong” is getting plenty of spins in locker rooms around the country. Well I have still have not learned my lesson from the story of my own song, but I’d have to say I wish I would have gotten the fish tacos instead of the cauliflower tacos at my favorite spot this past Tuesday.

Kendra: We can find “Wrong” on your Cooper mixtape. What state of mind were you in when it came time to record that?

Cooper: I had the song written for a while before I actually came to the recording process. Once I got in the studio I sort of came back to the place I was at when I wrote it because I was re-evaluating the lyrics making some changes. I tend to fall for ladies that are not good for me, but I’m never scared of doing it again…because good or bad it always leads to another song.

Kendra: On top of the mixtape, you’ve got this video for “Move,” which features some yogis. Is yoga your go to relaxation method?

Cooper: Totally. I try to practice everyday and it is definitely the perfect way to start a day along with a good cup of coffee.

Kendra: What is up with you in the coming months? Working on more music, touring?

Cooper: I will be moving to Nashville in a few weeks to spend about three months there. I will be performing, recording and writing during that time…so if you’re in town maybe we will cross paths!

Kendra: Going back to your hockey playing, if you had to make a mixtape for a killer game, what five songs would have to be on it?

Cooper: I always surprised people with what I would listen to before games. The playlist I would listen to would be for my ears only because no one on our team could get correctly prepared with artists like Ben Harper, Coldplay, and Mason Jennings, but for some reason I could. So if I had a game tonight I would probably throw on…

If I Believe You” – The 1975
Month of Bad Habits” – Andrew Combs
Heaven” – Mason Jennings
Vacation” – Sam Hunt
So. Good.” – Johnny Stimson


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