#FBF: Singin’ in the Rain in the Year 3000

Photo Credit: thisunderdog.tumblr.com
Photo Credit: thisunderdog.tumblr.com

Okay, so I’m 100% sure the Jonas Brothers did not play that incredibly catchy but ridiculous song, but there was a time way back when…when my friends and I went from seeing Fall Out Boy in what appeared to be an attic in Santa Monica, and then booked it back to Hollywood to stand in line to see the band of brothers at Jimmy Kimmel. This was at their height and oh lord…While the drizzle later made this one a favorite memory, it was the horror show beforehand that really made this Kimmel one for the books.

So you have the JoBros at their prime. The average age of a fan is like 14 (higher than you’d think because people like me and my friends raised that shit). You had to be 16 at the time for this and insanity circled this back street of Hollywood. Preteens tried to make fake IDs, some risked being punctured by barbed wire to see a soundcheck and most importantly, one of the Kimmel staff (with a voice like Minnie Mouse…he’s a man) was going insane yelling at this person and that. You can imagine the PTSD that guy feels today if “S.O.S.” manages to play wherever he is. Really quick, the next time JoBros played, their fans had matured a couple of years, the age limit was dropped to 14 to get in and all was well with the world. Back to the time in the rain though.

Not like we were holding on in a thunderstorm. It was just a light sprinkle, enough to make your mom think…are they worth it? Today? Maybe. Then? It was college and you do crazy things during those four years. Some girls experiment sexually, others drink way too much, many study abroad – this girl frequented Jimmy Kimmel Live! way more times than she liked to admit and while each one wasn’t as great as ones like the Jonas Brothers…they were all free, so whatever. So you know what, if Nick, Joe and the DIWNLTF (Dad I Would Never Like to Fuck) would reband and do that show, hell…I’d be there, or at least try. I think because of their absence, it may be a repeat of the barbed wire sacrifices.

Jonas Brothers, you come on randomly today and I’ll get the fuck down and I will always remember our free, good times together.


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