GML: Material Rain

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So Madonna is paying tribute to the late Prince this weekend at the Billboard Music Awards. First off, here’s why people should really have a problem with these awards – it’s not in December anymore, therefore…what sales and charting are they going off of? Also, they’re giving Britney Spears an award. Pop culture figure? Yes. Dancer? Meh. Singer? No. Anyways, back to Madonna. Why would this be a problem? Yeah, in recent decades she’s been less than great musically and personally. Girl, no one wants your 490-year-old self trying to be “hip wit’ it,” but let’s be real, in her prime – she was a goddess and during the 80’s, a time when Prince was also on a high – those two were in the same league, so there’s no real problem in her paying homage to her 80’s peer. Again though, Britney getting anything for vocals…hmm…questionable award is questionable.

Things that aren’t questionable, some tours that were announced this week. Secret Stuff will be out for a month starting in June. You can check out those dates below. Frankie Cosmos also has an event in June at Rough Trade in New York. Remember when we talked to Andy from there? Back to Frankie, she’ll then hit the road in late July through early August, touring the east coast. Then there’s Squeeze who just announced this week that they’ll be out this fall starting in September.

Now for this week’s video picks!

Anna of the North “Baby”

Charly Bliss “Ruby”

Krychek “All That is Me”

Arms “Stellary”

Júníus Meyvant “Neon Experience”

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