On the Brink with VISTA’s Hope

Photo Credit: Chelsea Gresh
Photo Credit: Chelsea Gresh

Fact: I favor Backstreet Boys fans over most. When you spend your adolescence praying that Nick Carter will fall in love with you and swearing Millennium is the greatest album to have ever been gifted the world, it’s a necessity. That’s the main reason Hope of VISTA caught my eye. A fan of the best boy band in the world, she was also the talented vocalist of an anthemic rock band out of New York. With that, she was perfect candidate for this month’s cascade of talented women.

Kendra: What made you decide to go from a solo act to being part of a band?

Hope: I didn’t feel like there was much of a challenge left. I’d been doing the same thing for so long, and I crave a challenge. I want to continuously work hard and find ways to succeed through that hard work. I needed a new challenge, and I never wanted to be a frontwoman initially. Once I realized that letting that change happen was going to be the biggest challenge yet, I let in with open arms and allowed myself to try something totally new.

Kendra: Do you think there are differences in what women in bands have to deal with in terms of sexism in the industry, versus when they a solo artist?

Hope: Of course. I try not to worry about it, though. I will say that as a solo artist I definitely let it affect me way more than I do now. Instead, now I try to put all of my focus on making VISTA is doing the very best we can and putting out the strongest content possible.

Kendra: Have you personally ever been treated differently as an artist because you’re a woman?

Hope: I have been, but instead of letting it anger me or make excuses, I just use that as fuel for the fire. There’s no reason to let that frustrate me to the point of allowing it to hold me back at all. If someone doesn’t think I can play shows because I’m a female, then I’m just going to put on a better show.

Kendra: Now, what’s the story behind “On the Brink?” Is it the first single for a significant reason or was it just the one who won the draw?

Hope: It’s actually the first song that our drummer Wolf and I ever tried to write as a songwriting duo! Lyrically it talks about the transition from solo artist to frontwoman and having a fear of failing, but also a desire to bring an idea to life.

Kendra: As a whole, is the new EP, Versus, more like New York or New Jersey – and why?

Hope: That’s a really tough one, I love this question though, I’ve never been asked anything like this before. It’s probably more New York. It’s strong and it’s super intense, just like New York is.

Kendra: You’ve noted VISTA is our new guilty pleasure, but what’s your latest one?

Hope: Does dried pineapple count? I’ve been eating that like crazy lately, it’s pretty much like candy because it’s so sweet.

Kendra: Honestly, you caught my attention because you’re a fellow Backstreet Boys fan. So if you had your dreams come true and got the chance to join them on stage – what song of theirs would you want to sing with them?

Hope: Yaaass! They’re the loves of my life, I’m seeing them in a few weeks! It’d definitely be “Shape Of My Heart.” I know it was a single, everyone knows that song, but it’s my favorite song of all time! That key change.

Kendra: Other than hopefully touring with BSB one day, what are some of your current show plans?

Hope: We’ll be back on Long Island and in Jersey again in June for two more shows, and then we’ll be hitting differents areas of the US after that during the summer! We’re working on getting those together now.

Kendra: Going off your “Off the Brink” song, if you had to make a mixtape of artists that are on the brink of breaking out – what five songs would have to be on it?

Hope: Definitely one of Against The Current’s new songs, they’re about to completely explode. Probably “You and I” by PVRIS because they’re on the verge of completely exploding, too. Maybe something by the UK girl group Little Mix. My friends in Marina City are about to blow up this summer, so one of their songs, they’re all bomb. And “Scarlet Letter” by Jule Vera.


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