Private Victories: Private Victories

Without even reading the history of Grant Carey, from here on out known as Private Victories, I knew heartbreak as at the core of this album. From the first song through the last, you could hear his journey from possibly that initial “we’re over” conversation to where he is today. What you couldn’t hear though it that on top of losing his college girlfriend at the top of 2015, this singer-songwriter also hurt his neck so much so that it caused him a world of pain. Suffering both emotionally and physically, he channeled all that into Private Victories and is making them public this month.

One of the biggest struggles after a relationship that spanned a long time is realizing who you are without what has been your other half for so long. That’s exactly where Private Victories kicks off with “After You.” Instantly you can hear the heart and soul of this man’s essence. Comparable to The Fray’s Isaac Slade, his voice commands your attention throughout whether it’s alongside the saloon-like piano in “Somebody (Loved Me)” or the eccentric “Fine Corn Maze.” All in all, this is a melancholy record. Rightfully so given the time in Carey’s life – what else could one expect? Make sure to check out the lead single, “Heal You” for a quick sneak peak.

Often times like a b-side of a Fray record, other times circling around Billy Joel with light piano ways, Private Victories is an artist who took a dark time and turned it around in a creative way. If you’re a fan of music that comes from the inner depths of a hurt soul looking to start anew, check out Private Victories, out May 20.

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