#FBF: Turning 21 with Ashlee Simpson

Photo Credit: Giphy

Nothing says let’s drink more than a free Ashlee Simpson show in a parking lot, right? In reality, there was no liquor at my 21st soiree. Instead there were ex members of Cobra Starship and Good Charlotte, a birthday cake and L-O-L-O-V-E!

Back in the day I fancied me some Ashlee Simpson. It was the 00’s and for some reason my love of her from 7th Heaven transferred over to her music career and those songs, so damn catchy. When you pair that with a free outdoor concert at Jimmy Kimmel Live! that happens to fall on your 21st birthday, you have to put two and two together for an awesome, memorable birthday.

Spending at least one of my birthdays while in college at that show as inevitable. I was there just as much as I was in my dorm room. That show, that back alley (100% less sketchy than it sounds) those free concerts – those were vital parts of my 20’s and celebrating one of those “must” birthdays there, a hilarious memory to say the least. I say memorable and now as I sit to write about it, I’m drawing a blank. There was cake, ex-band members trying to find their way inside, a diabetic friend having to leave for supplies to eat said cake, cupcakes, Mel’s Diner afterwards and I’m pretty sure the sun was shining and school was ditched; at least for me. Who goes to school on their birthday after elementary school? There is no paper crown to be worn, no mom to bring in treats; it’s dullsville.

As far as the performance, it was Ashlee. So no, it was not this stellar – call your mom afterwards because your life had been changed shows, but she was her and that’s all you can ask for. I mean, at least she sang live and didn’t dance off stage, right?

If you’re tight for cash, need an idea for your birthday and happen to see someone you like is playing Kimmel – invite everyone you know and go. Plus, not there’s a Dave & Busters and lemme tell you, that place is delicious and worth the chaos and confusion that comes with finding a place to sit there.


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