GML: Hit the Books

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Watching TMZ and seeing that some child was having yet another expensive birthday and I was fully prepared to go in about that, but then today I stumbled upon written gold. Not a fan of neither her music or her show, I for some reason got Carrie Brownstein’s Hunger Makes Me A Modern Girl and I must rave about that here now. Anyone who’s ever felt some sort of connection to anything and been a fan, read that first chapter. Unlike this one actresses’ rambling of first world problems that felt like a defective Connect 4 game unable to give me anything to attach to, and another’s random tales that left me bored – this memoir started off with perfection. Seriously though, she captured something that’s been running through my mind recently. The idea of things from yesterday not packing the same punch as they once did when she talked about a “had to be there” mentality when it came to a song that once changed your life. I don’t want to go on because I want you to head to your local library and check it out, or your local book store, or Amazon and pick it up to have and to hold forever.

Book recommendations aside, it’s time to talk about some tours! Vinnie Caruana has a west coast tour coming up and those dates can be seen below. This week Modern Baseball will be out with with Joyce Manor and Thin Lips through the beginning of July.While they’re out and about, Stephen Steinbrink will be kicking off his June tour in Seattle, WA on June 16, and wrapping up in LA at the Bootleg Theater at the end of the month. Last up, Boys Like Girls are celebrating 10 years of their self-titled album with a quick run this August. I mean quick, it’s just a handful of dates that start August 5 and wrap up in Chicago on August 12.


Now for the weekly video picks!

Oy “Dunno”

Grimes “California”

Oscar “Good Things”

Shock Machine “Open Up The Sky”

Polyenso “Not My Real Life”


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