Quick Stop with Twin Haus

Photo Credit: Neal Walters
Photo Credit: Neal Walters

Australia’s Twin Haus dropped their sophomore album, Nothing Lavish, this March and with that played more than their fair of shows to promote it in April. Now it’s May and they’re looking forward to doing more as they talk about growth, criticism, and fake eggs in this quick note from their own Iti and Nick.

Kendra: What significant growth have you noticed in your bandmates from your 2014 debut to 2016’s Nothing Lavish?

Iti & Nick: We have all matured since 2014, the way we have grown as musicians and friends has been very natural. Looking back on our formative years, one thing that stands out is our ability to communicate with each other about direction and style and other things with a healthy dose of creative criticism.

Kendra: Glenn Howerton of It’s Always Sunny says he reads EVERY review after an episode airs. Did you do the same after Nothing Lavish dropped back in March?

Iti & Nick: If someone has taken the time to review our work we will definitely read it. If the reviewer has listened intently and written informatively about the music we are more likely to take note.

Kendra: When you were writing and constructing “Synthetic Egg,” did it being over nine minutes come naturally or did you set out to make this supersized track?

Iti & Nick: Alike all of our music, we never intended to conform “Synthetic Egg” to a particular time length. Rather, we just jammed the idea together and settled on what felt right.

Kendra: Not every track clocks in that long though. So a little wordplay with a shorter one. I want you to finish the sentence and fill in the blanks with the following: “I used to think the music industry was _____, now I think it’s ______.

Iti & Nick: I used to think the music industry was kinda fucked, now I think it’s still kinda fucked.

Kendra: You had a great number of shows in April, what’s up for the rest of the year?

Iti & Nick: We will play some more shows and travel to some new places and most definitely hole up with our instruments somewhere.

Kendra: Going back to “Synthetic Egg,” if you had to make a mixtape for a grand breakfast – what five songs would have to be on it?

Iti & Nick:
Prelude in D Flat Major” – Chopin
Dead and Gone” – TOY
The River” – King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard
Daniel” – Konstantin Sibold
Give It Up” – Lee Dorsey


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