#FBF: Justin Timberlake in the Rain

Photo Credit: nxviembredulce.tumblr.com
Photo Credit: nxviembredulce.tumblr.com

Favorite singers, concert memories and this month we step back in time to a place I frequented more than I did classrooms while in college – Jimmy Kimmel Live! Really though, whether it was waiting in back alley trying to meet people like Johnny Knoxville or the always stunning Gabourey Sidibe, or seeing free shows because why pay for Usher when you can go nice and slow down to a taping and see him for absolutely nothing? So that’s what May will be dedicated to. My favorite free music memories over the years the aforementioned R&B sensation to that time I spent my 21st birthday watching a former 7th Heaven cast member while the ex-drummer of Good Charlotte ate my cake. Those aside, we’re starting with Justin Timberlake. Not the last time he was on and closed down the Boulevard, oh no – we’re taking it back to when he played that parking lot, and Mother Nature tried to be a bitch about it.

Me and my BFF, whom you’ve met if you flashbacked to Backstreet Boys at the Palladium last month with me, saw Justin was going to be on Kimmel in the middle of the night and instantly made one too many 1iota accounts to ensure one of us would get tickets because this was not a game. My 12-year-old self would not be happy with college-freshman me. Seeing an N’SYNC member, really? Hey, let’s be real – Justin was the only thing keeping that group afloat. Not skeletor J.C. and not the mutant known as Chris Kirkpatrick. Whatever though, I was old enough to know that it was okay to like both – but I’m also wise enough to know which was the far superior boy band. So back to the task at hand…getting tickets. Once acquired we were set, but it seems like some rain might take us out.

We get there, there’s some light drizzling and the staff lets us know that if the rain get worse – this line of 20-something-year-old ladies were not seeing one of the former kings of Tiger Beat in the flesh. Fast forward through the and doubt and to when we realize the show was going to happen. Sweet jezus, standing that close to someone that looks and sounds like 1999, it’s quite the thrill. No really, I think I could stand that close to Lou Bega while he waits for his shift to start at Popeye’s and still be amazed. Of course his mamba doesn’t quite compare to what Timberlake did that night as we stood in some light sprinkles. Seriously though, you need to take advantage of Kimmel and the glory of the free concerts. Yeah, sometimes they suck ass like when Ricky Martin wastes your time and only does two songs – but usually you can count on at least a handful.


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