GML: Zzz…

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Are my eyes even open at this point? Scoring a two-week gig watching kids take their AP exams has had me waking up at 5am all week and with that, I haven’t gotten to watch my beloved daytime television. With that – I have no idea what’s going on in the world. Is Lemonade still a thing? Have we found out how Prince really died? Oh yeah, and why the hell is that senior citizen Coachella thing that’s going on in October? I would’ve went on more about that but ugh, just another reason for hipsters to make my mom’s a living hell by heading down to the desert and flooding her freeway.

Now for some show news. The Kills will be heading out soon on May 13 in Georgia and just a day before they hit San Fransisco they’ll drop their new album, Ash & Ice on June 3. Also, remember Soul Asylum from the 90’s? Well they’re still touring starting May 21 and wrapping up at the end of July in Michigan. Then there’s Gojira, whose dates you can check out below.


Mariya May “Out Walking”

Beth Orton “1973”

The Loom “Fire Makes”

Funeral Suits “Tree of Life”

Dinner “Lie”


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