Blind Revision’s Jen Janet Fights, Rights and a Good Night’s Sleep

We’re continuing this chapter in the Women in Music series with a band that proves you cannot judge a band by their members. Looking at the guys and gal of Blind Revision, and knowing the current landscape of music – you’d assume you knew exactly what they sounded like. I did, and I was wrong. They weren’t like We Are The In Crowd and they were far from anything Hey Monday ever tried to make happen. Instead Jen Janet’s vocals came through with some bite. She herself would compare herself to Paramore but adds that they’re a bit more, like if you took some progressive rock and added some layers to make them join metal fest line-ups throughout the east coast. Now we’ll get to know more about this badass woman as we get into what she’ll always fight for, what she’d drop today, where they band’s going and more.

Kendra: Are people often surprised you’re not a run of the mill pop rock band?

Jen Janet: People are not usually surprised because in the Rhode Island music scene, pop punk and hardcore music is really popular with local musicians. We probably fall somewhere in the middle of those two. Our music has a heavier edge to it but it isn’t necessarily in the hardcore genre. If Coheed and Cambria and Paramore had a baby, that would probably be us.

Kendra: When it came time to do the band, were they already formed and you came in as the singer or were you all friends and it sort of happened more naturally?

Jen: Kirk, one of our guitarists, and I formed the band. We were both students at Bridgewater State University. There was a Facebook group for local musicians in Bridgewater and we found each other on that. The funny thing is, I never found out who originally started the Facebook group. I posted in the group that I wanted to start a band and I played keyboard and sang. Kirk posted that he also wanted to start a band and he played guitar. We sent each other a few messages and met up on campus. I think we ended up playing a song I wrote, and then we came up with other ideas. His roommate, Phil, is now our bassist.

Our first show was in Boston, a few months after I met Kirk and Phil. We quickly threw some songs together that now sound nothing like our EP. But I’m glad that we did. Our drummer, Jamie, went to high school with Kirk also. We met our other guitarist, Jake, through a mutual friend in the music scene. We’ve gone through a few line-up changes, but we’re really happy with the people we have now. If you sat in on a band practice, you’d think we were the goofiest group of people. It’s really important to be able to act that way with your band.

Kendra: Last summer you all dropped Fight or Flight. With that, what is something you’ll always fight for, and one thing that you could drop today and not be mad about?

Jen: I’m going to get real with you now. Something that I’ll personally always fight for is LGBT rights. I don’t understand why so many individuals hate a group of people simply for loving. Giving same-sex couples the right to marry, for example, doesn’t affect straight people. So I just don’t understand why so many straight people have a problem with it. That’s all.

One thing I could drop today and not be upset by it is my Smartphone. Initially, if I had to make a phone call I might be sad. But I’m not very technologically inclined. I think we spend too much time on our cell phones anyway. It’s nice to sit down at dinner and actually have a conversation with the people around you. Sometimes I forget that there are people I could be talking to. There are so many apps that it makes it impossible for some people to stay off their phone. Instead of playing Words with Friends, just play Scrabble. And talk to each other. To their face.

Kendra: Staying with the album, “If The Earth Could Stand Still” for an hour or so, and everyone but you was frozen – what’s the one thing try and do?

Jen: This is probably really sad, but if everyone was frozen for an hour except me, I think I would take a nap. When I was in high school I wished I could stop time just like in X-Men. But it wasn’t to do anything cool. It was literally just so I could sleep. I was so exhausted. I’m the type of person who likes to stay busy and always wants stuff to do, so sometimes I end up overworking myself and then I just want to sleep, or watch Netflix, or eat a whole cake. The usual.

Kendra: You’re coming up to the one-year anniversary since dropping Fight or Flight. Do you have any new music in the works, what’s next for you guys musically?

Jen: We do have new music in the works! We are planning to release a single first. It’s a very progressive rock-style song. We’ve played it live at a few shows and people seem to enjoy it. We have also started to write our next EP, which will be a concept album. So far, most of the songs will pertain to a different lobe of the brain, and it’ll be kind of psychological. We’re pretty excited about it. There is no release date set for either the single or EP yet.

Recently, I collaborated with hip hop artist, Phantom. I was featured on two tracks from his album, Mr. Magic. It’s now available on itunes and Spotify. Some people are a little surprised because I’m in Blind Revision, but then I’m also on this hip hop album. The two genres are totally different, but I think it helps to branch out and remember that there’s other stuff out there. Writing lyrics for a rock band is very different from writing lyrics for a hip hop album, so I think it keeps you on your toes.

Kendra: Are there any musical risks you want to take when you sit down to record the next record?

Jen: I’m not sure about musical risks, but we are planning to experiment with some new time signatures in upcoming songs. I won’t divulge too much information about our concept EP because it’s still in the early stages. But some of the songs sound a bit darker than what we have previously recorded.

Kendra: When and where can fans see you on the stage next?

Jen: In June, fans in New Hampshire can see us live on June 17 in Derry at the Upper Village Hall. On June 25 we will also be at the Wreck Room in Peterborough, NH for a Ladies of Metal Night, featuring bands from all over New England. From July 2-3 we will be at Fyre Fest in Exeter, Rhode Island. It’s basically a huge two-day metal festival in the middle of the woods. Some of these shows have not been officially announced on our social media yet, so check back closer to the dates for more information. We will also be adding a few other New England dates later in the summer.

Kendra: Going off your track “Tough Love,” if you had to make a mixtape about dealing with a tough partner, what five songs would have to be on it?

Jen: I asked each band member for their song choice about dealing with a tough partner. Here were their picks:
An Ocean Between Us” – As I Lay Dying (Phil’s choice)
Survival” – Tesseract (Jamie’s choice)
The Camper Velourium III” – Coheed and Cambria (Kirk’s choice)
Love Song” – Destiny Potato (Jake’s choice)
Misery” – Halestorm (Jen’s choice)


One thought on “Blind Revision’s Jen Janet Fights, Rights and a Good Night’s Sleep

  1. I love Jen Janet, and the rest of Blind Revision, their shows are never a disappointment, always a good time with GREAT music, and good people. genuinely such a fantastic person. You couldn’t have chosen a better band/ person to interview. ❤

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