Liven Up the Night with Wanderer

Deciding what you want to go by is possibly the first step to being a musician superstar, well other than having talent of course. So when the man behind Wanderer decided to go by that instead of the name his parents gave him at birth, it was all about this grand idea. He says, “I think using a band name allows the project to become more than just me, it’s bigger. I can create a different persona and something new under a name.

Wanderer – felt like the right choice for a long time.” While the name felt right, he also noted how many his age could likely relate because when you’re in your 20’s many feel like they don’t know where to go. He believes, “We’re confronted with so many decisions early on and are made to feel like we need to have everything figured out from the get go. When in reality there is so much to see, to experience, to mess up, and to grow from. I want the music I make to serve as a soundtrack for these kind of times we all have.”

So while Wanderer looks to find himself through song, he also hopes to be able to wander and explore places that are very unlike his native Arizona; Europe and Japan. Before he jet sets to those places, let’s get to know more about this emerging pop star from his late nights to his latest single!

Kendra: Right now we’re becoming obsessed with “Only in the Night,” but when are we going to get more music from you?

Wanderer: That’s great to hear! So glad people are enjoying the song. I have more music done, and am just working on the best way to show it to the world! I won’t leave you hanging too long…

Kendra: You sing, “I come alive only in the night.” So…not a morning person?

Wanderer: Haha, you could say that! Aside from the literal interpretation, the song is just about getting into trouble, and staying up way too late, and doing what makes you feel alive. It’s about being a little bad, and we all know that feels good sometimes.

Kendra: Other than the college, Arizona seems pretty chill. With that, where do you draw inspiration from when it comes to the energy in your music?

Wanderer: With this first single, and what’s going to come next, the vibe for me is about the city. The energy, the people, the lights. I take inspiration from my life, from the wild nights and the long drives, from friends and lovers, and from the smallest moments. While I can’t give too many specifics right now, I have always wanted my music to be themed, and to be delivered in a cinematic way.

Kendra: I imagine you’ll be a pop star soon enough at the rate you’re going, but if you could’ve been on a recent pop star’s tour – whose audience do you think would’ve loved you most?

Wanderer: Well thank you! That’s very flattering. I mean I love The Weekend and The 1975. To tour with either of them in my life would be a dream come true.

Kendra: What do you have planned for the rest of this year?

Wanderer: So much! Like I said, there will be a lot more music. Videos. And if all goes well, the debut of Wanderer live.

Kendra: Being that you’re sending out night owl vibes, if you had to make a mixtape for an all-nighter, what five songs would have to be on it?

Wanderer: Here’s my five; best listened to on a late night drive…
In The Night” – The Weeknd
Revelator Eyes” – The Paper Kites
Somebody Else” – The 1975
Between Me And You” – Brandon Flowers
Walk Away” – LANY


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