Faye: Faye

The idea of spending the next two weeks waking up at 5am to watch smart, rich kids take their AP exams is starting to freak me out. It’s been almost four years since I’ve had a job that required face-to-face interaction and as that reality is inching closer and closer, I’m trying to prepare posts for the week that awaits. One of the many being a review of Faye’s eponymous debut EP. A must for fans of alternative rock that sounds like it was transferred her from the 90’s, music you could imagine Jane Lane caring about.

Faye opens up with “Yellow Canary,” and right away you’re drawn in if you’re indeed a fan of Sleater-Kinney. It’s little on the melancholy side, but things turn around with the lighthearted “Teacups” as the hook of “innocence and makeup” digs deeper into your memory. “Chow Chow” then sounded like a missing link from Ghost World, while “Vowels” stood its ground as the most relatable of the bunch. How many times have we looked on with envy at someone and thought to ourselves, “I wish I could be you?” I know I’ve done it at least a dozen times this week alone.

I’m now even closer to having a 5am wake up call for the next two weeks, and while I’m pretty sure I’ll have a mini breakdown between then and now, I’ll be a little better knowing that I’ve introduced you to a band that may not have been on your radar before. Fans of Sleater-Kinney and Cayetana take note and check out Faye, out May 13.


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