#FBF: Fall Out Boy at House of Blues

Photo Credit: xaccidentallymaebyx.tumblr.com
Photo Credit: xaccidentallymaebyx.tumblr.com

What the hell is an Overcast Kid? That was all that ran through our minds as the doors opened for that show after we’d spent the early morning in weather that was far too cold for our desert rat bones. All we had was a CVS sized throw blanket, Red Bull and tea from a man we’re still not sure was homeless or not. I took a sip, I’m still here. I’m sure it was fine. So anyways, the show was Fall Out Boy with Jack’s Mannequin opening. Thank goodness for that because I’m not sure I could’ve convinced my friends to head there before the crack of dawn.

So we get there at like 3am. I don’t really remember the time, but I do remember it was freezing and we’d packed too lightly for this venture out into the concrete jungle. Throughout the day we met a girl who introduced herself as “Crazy” and a cascade of other characters – some actually still exist in our world today, while others have disappeared. Perhaps they’ve grown up, moved or just fell off the face of the planet. I’m not sure. I was never good at keeping track of people like that. Anyways, after what seemed like an eternity in line, I was going off a couple of hours of naps and a sip of Red Bull and it was almost time to go in. I was more than excited because during that time Fall Out Boy was basically the only band that mattered. Pete Wentz’s lyrics were like a bible or sorts. I’ve since left that church, but can fall back into the congregation given the right song.

Photo Credit: mrsandmanshowinghismemes.tumblr.com
Photo Credit: mrsandmanshowinghismemes.tumblr.com

By the time the sun set on Sunset, my friends and I were ready to go in and secure a barricade spot. Then in walked a gaggle of girls (maybe like two boys because let’s face it…that band’s always had a 24434:1 ratio when it came to vagina vs. penis in their crowd). Turns out they had a fan club and they got to go in before us. I was floored. My Jack’s Mannequin buds were beyond pissed. All that waiting and we ended up three or four rows back. Today I wouldn’t care. Then though, I had a mental fit like I was a five-year-old begging to open my Christmas presents a few weeks early; it was useless but I did it anyway.

Despite not having the spot we wanted, the show was great. Back then Fall Out Boy put more effort into things when they walked out on a stage. Today, they have as much fervor as Kourtney Kardashian talking about potatoes. Nevertheless, they were great that night. Jack’s Mannequin was of course on point. Plus, it taught us that we’d soon after to join this Overcast Kids thing. Of course we didn’t care to until that fateful day when FOB announced a tour with New Found Glory. There was no way we were waiting all day to not have what we believed to be our rightful spots up front for our beloved NFG.


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