GML: Not My Bey

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Dear world, while you sit there and freak out over the identity of Becky and the drop of some Lemonade, there is a devil inching closer and closer to actually claiming the White House. I know music is an escape and it allows us to just exist without the downpour reality can bring in our lives – but come on. Imagine how much political change would get done if people spent as much time opening up conversations about that instead of this woman with the good hair. Maybe because things are getting too real with Donald Trump, or maybe it’s because I don’t understand the appeal of Beyonce’s slam poetry music…

Enough of that because I can’t with lemons anymore. Now onto some tour news. Hot Mulligan will be kicking off their tour in about a month in Wisconsin. You can check out those days below. The UK’s own Architects will be stateside in June and will be out and about until August 5. Pinegrove will also be ending their run that day, but not before starting off at the end of June in New York City. Then there’s Letlive. who will give the west coast some love as they start in LA on June 14 and wind down in the OC come the end of July.


And as always, here are this week’s video picks!

Fruit Bats “Humbug Mountain Song”


AJR “I’m Not Famous”


White Lung “Below”


Broen “No, My God”

Roosevelt “Colours”



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