Penny Bridges Shows Us Gratitude

One year closer to hitting that monumental age of 30, at least monumental according to many sitcoms starring people who appear well above – I sit here on Monday morning with the calming ways of Penny Bridges. Not to review an album or an EP of sorts, but rather a trio of sounds she has available on her Soundcloud. Usually I’d note this and get back to it later, but her voice was striking from the first note – and I knew I couldn’t just usher her email away in the necessary folder. With just three songs she got my interest and I’m sure if you’re a fan of artists like Melanie Martinez and Regina Spektor, she’ll soon have yours too.

Her latest, “Gratitude,” opens the door and when you step in – you’re hooked. Her vocals have a bit of a innocent grit to them in this one. With “You Cry Yourself Away” hear her take more control over the situation. I feel as if the first was sort of this whimsical note, and this one feels more mature. An indie pop vibe overall, this one has a bit of a folk undertone thanks to the dark melodies. Last up, “Ascendancy” sets itself apart from the others by bringing a movable beat to the table. Songs should often be considered some sort of family, and these ones are very varied siblings. “Gratitude” the baby with it’s innocence, “You Cry Yourself Away” the older brother with a stance and the wild card middle child “Ascendancy.”

If you’ve been searching high and low for someone who is in the same class as the aforementioned artists, check out Penny Bridges‘ music. She’s a notable singer-songwriter who takes pop music and runs it through an indie filter but layers on other elements on top to deliver something that sticks out and gets your interest as soon as it hits you.


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