#FBF: Limp Bizkit in Vegas

Photo Credit: carirad.tumblr.com
Photo Credit: carirad.tumblr.com

Some people think my love for Limp Bizkit is an ironic joke – uh, no. I legitimately like their stuff. Who went to their show a couple years ago solo? This girl! That’s not the show that I wanted to talk about though. While a great night out, it was their Vegas show years ago that sticks out. Not only because it was free, that was just a big bonus.

So one morning in the summer of ‘09 I heard Limp Bizkit was going to be playing a free show the following week in Vegas. Keep in mind it’s like 7 or 8am and I instantly call my best friend who at the time was far from a morning person. I quickly told her the details and she said in a foggy haze that she was down. We also had my now roommate on board and the three of us were off the next week like it was nothing. Thinking back, why the hell didn’t more people want to go to this with us? No really, why didn’t more people get in on this?

Their loss, our win because uh, can we talk about the free shirts we then got too? I still have mine hanging in the closet. So the show, it was amazing. From Fred wearing the red hat to girls dressed like the ones from the “Nookie” girls to this guy with the tiniest voice in the world we dubbed “the wizard,” it all boiled down to one remarkable night. What I could’ve done without? The lightning on the way home. All in all though, if there’s ever a band to see from 1999, and it’s free – it’s Limp Bizkit.


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