GML: Stop Hatin’

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Can someone tell Ciara and Future to grow up? My dad was married to someone else when he knocked up my mom. They dated for a second after I was born, split, managed to hook up once more to produce my brother – and since then have remained friends. They never really bad mouthed one another. I mean they would spit out jokes, but that’s just how my family is as a whole. So I don’t understand why Ciara and Future, or any couple with kids, cannot seem to find a common ground. If not for the sake of their relationship, but for their kid. It’s just as immature for him to run his mouth on social media about the mother of his child as it is for her to refuse to say his name when announcing award nominees. Really though, you said all the rest, but could not let the name of the man who you share a son with? They are both in their 30’s and need to act like it.

They’re acting as dumb as those states that have passed those anti-LGBT laws. What I don’t understand about that is that you’re allowed to basically discriminate based on a story you believe in. Religion is a choice, political preference is a choice – so why do they get to sit and control something that is not? Someone needs to let those states know what year it is, and I’m glad artists like Bruce Springsteen and Bryan Adams are skipping those states on their tours. If the fans are upset, well – sorry you live in a state where the values backwards. Speak up about it and let them know you want to move into 2016.

While you may not see The Boss out yonder, you can check out some tours and shows that got announced this week. Trashcan Sinatras will be heading out on May 17, a mere four days after they drop their new album Wild Pendulum. They’ll start in Boston and wind down in San Francisco in early June. Dreamers will also be starting off in May, but out in Santa Barbara at Velvet Jones. You can check out their dates with The Young Wild above. Lastly, if you live in LA, make sure to catch JoLivi at the Hotel Cafe where she just booked a residency. Make sure to check out that info below.

Now we have this week’s video picks!

Architects “Gone With The Wind”

Spookyland “Big Head”

Zealyn “Sleep On It”

Prince Rama “Now Is The Time Of Emotion”

Annabel Jones “IOU”


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