Night Argent: Night Argent

Remember when bands like Korn and Limp Bizkit were the rockers you heard on the radio? I may be one of the only people sad that’s still not the case, but those who’ve progressed in sound are thankful we now have bands like Imagine Dragons who are bringing layers to rock by intertwining melodies, emotion driven riffs and movement. That’s what you can hear when it comes to Night Argent’s self-titled debut EP.

Five songs deep with a bonus track, Night Argent shows off what happens when you take a rock band and strip away the attitude and leave them with a case of pop to play around with. In between “Nothing More Beautiful” and “Komikaze” I thought of these guys hitting the road and killing it with southern California’s Night Riots. They just felt like their fans would share a similar musical palette. While those were good songs you could hear on a Top 40 playlist, or on a loop in Abercrombie & Fitch, it was “Widowmaker” that really took control as the money maker. This one stood apart from the others thanks to its energetic spirit.

Very unlike the rock I grew up with when TRL was just starting to hit its stride, Night Argent play around more with pop rock anthems and less with nookie and leashes that hold freaks. They’re for those who like their rock served alongside bands like Imagine Dragons and Night Riots. If that’s you – well you have a new album to check out. So get on Night Argent when it drops April 22.


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