#FBF: Backstreet Boys at the Palladium

Photo Credit: crushabledotcom.tumblr.com
Photo Credit: crushabledotcom.tumblr.com

Boy bands are not supposed to have general admission shows. It makes no sense. At their prime, 20 years later – it does not matter because their fans are insane at any age. None of that seemed to matter when Backstreet Boys booked a show at the Palladium in Hollywood though. For some reason we thought getting there at around 7am would be good enough. Again, girls be crazy and when push came to shove, and the numbered wristbands were handed out – we were the 90-somethingth people in line. Trust, had we realized we should’ve went the night before…we just may have. Really though, we could’ve been at the end of that line when the doors opened that night and I’m sure we still would’ve been just as excited to see our favorite group from when we were in 5th grade.

What is it about the shit you love from that age that makes it hard to give up? I mean not everything from that time makes me go insane. Sorry Leo, your head continued to grow but your face didn’t BUT I will never not watch Titanic if it’s on. Then there’s of course Winnie the Pooh shirts. I’ve clearly moved past my love of those, but Backstreet Boys and as we saw last week Spice Girls – clearly NOPE.

So back to the show. We were close to the 100th people in line at 7am or so, and throughout the day – man, if you ever get the chance to hang out in a line for an artist from the 90’s, just do it for the stories. Backstreet has this super fan who wears an all-white outfit that has the group’s pictures ironed on…the whole thing. From head to toe, it’s like she is a walking issue of Tiger Beat. To make it better? The pictures on the top half are outlined in glitter. Plus, she has a couple of friends who do the same, but aren’t as extreme in their homemade love. I freaking adore this girl…uh, woman. I am sad I haven’t seen her in awhile. Any BSB fans reading this who know her whereabouts – let me know!

What I will always love most about this show though was it was just me and my BFF living out a 5th grade moment. They were our first concert back in 7th grade and there we were all them years later singing along to the same damn songs that kept us on the phone until all hours of the night back in the day. Also, let’s not forget that this was during the time that Kevin wasn’t officially back in the group, and he came out to surprise a venue full of grown ass women in tears. In that moment me and my friend reacted like we were at Metallica and pushed from the fifth or sixth row to about the third. I’ve been to a number of BSB shows since this one, but oddly enough none were with my most favorite friend – so that’s why this one will always be the one that sits on top. Even though Nick Carter did sing to me in Vegas once…Memories…


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