GML: Adios Idol

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Do you remember the first time you sat down and watched American Idol? It was the summer I did this college prep program, and I remember standing in the corner in the commons room of UCR and watching it every week of that horrendous summer. I watched every season after and then come the seventh, I went from fan to downright obsessed. Me and my friends went every week to the tapings. Not even joking. We somehow found a way in every week either to the rehearsal, live show or results show; a true miracle because at the time it was still pretty popular. Jason Castro. Damn that boy for making me crazy. So when the next season came, I couldn’t really find it in me to care that much and by season nine, it was just a show I used to watch. While I quit it some time ago, it apparently kept on trucking and tonight will come to an end. It’s weird to think of some of the stars we have because of it today, and the idea that Simon was once the greatest part of your TV week. Alas, all good things (or things that were good years ago) must come to an end – but let’s face it…no matter who you are, or what you’re into – you have a favorite American Idol, don’t lie.

Usually the top 10 Idols tour the summer after the show, but this year they’re not even going to try and make this show go on any longer. The tour won’t go on, but the following ones will…The Milk Carton Kids are actually kicking off their tour tonight in Massachusetts at Narrows Center for the Arts. Next week The Subways will be heading out on the road. You can check out their dates below, but before you do that – note The Young Wild will start their own tour on April 20th in Boston – stopping in LA at the El Rey at the end of the month. Also, don’t forget to check out Hippo Campus this spring either as they are out until July.

the-subways-tour-dates-2016Now, as always…some videos!

M Ward “I’m Listening (Child’s Theme)”

Sizzy Rocket “Thrills”

The Zolas “Swooner”

Juke Jaxon “Memory Man”

Broncho “Fantasy Boys”


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