Culture Abuse: Stone Cold Peaches

Photo Credit: Chelsea Muehe
Photo Credit: Chelsea Muehe

Come the end of this week Culture Abuse will drop their debut album, Peach, which guitarist John Jr. summarized in five words with, “Jump around with your friends.” Other than opening up and being blunt about their 6131 Records debut, John Jr. talked about their home away from home, how his sisters terrorized him as a kid and much more!

Kendra: Peach is an interesting name for a record but what were the other names floating around that obviously didn’t make the cut?

John Jr.: We settled on Peach with the intention of not potentially limiting ourselves to a certain genre. Peach to us sounds inviting, and one of our goals is to reach a whole new crowd of listeners. During the writing of the LP we tossed around album titles all the time, mostly joking around. A couple titles we seriously considered were This Party Sucks and one I personally was into, Rats In The Pit.

Kendra: With this being your debut, are you more nervous to hear people’s responses to it, or excited?

John Jr.: To be honest, and in the nicest way possible, we don’t give a fuck because we love it as it is, and we didn’t write it for anyone, we wrote it for ourselves. I’ve always found it strange that “critics” will try to dissect a band’s work, especially because they have no idea what we were going through personally during the writing process. However, when our friends let us know how much they love it, that excites us. If someone doesn’t like it, cool, but if people are hyped on it, that will only make our shows more fun, and we’re into that.

Kendra: One song that can be found on there is “Rainy Day” which is fitting since you’re in San Francisco. So what can we find you doing when it’s pouring outside?

John Jr.: Usually nothing! I don’t like rain, so I curl up inside and watch tv or make art. Strangely enough though, our friend Cody from Vancouver came down to San Francisco to help us film a music video for our song “Peace on Earth” and California hadn’t seen rain in a long time, but for the one weekend Cody was with us it poured for three straight days. We ended up doing most of the filming in the rain that weekend, walking around soaked as fuck all day.

Kendra: Maybe you penned your single, “Peace on Earth” when the rain was falling? With that, we’re in a heated election year. Not who, but what do you think can bring peace to this presidential election?

John Jr.: Uh, the government can suck it. We don’t live by their rules anyway. They’re all greedy and out of touch. The only person who can bring peace to the earth is Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Kendra: A little lighter, seeing “China Town,” I instantly thought of Gremlins and how I believed with all my heart that if I went, I’d get my own Gizmo. What’s something from a movie that you swore was real?

John Jr.: Yo, real talk when I was a kid I thought the Goonies was real. Also, for some fucked up reason someone had me watch The Exorcist and Hellraiser when I was really young and that scared me to death, and my sisters would fuck with me pretending to be possessed.

Photo Credit:
Photo Credit:

Kendra: You guys were in my neck of the woods back in February. How did LA treat you?

John Jr.: Los Angeles is like our second home, (we don’t even have a first home right now though). Every time we go down there we have a great time! One of our guitarists, Anthony, lives down there so we always have a place to crash and a place to mend our hangovers. It’s great to hang out with all your homies at once, shout out to The Stoop, Eddie, Tanner, Zoe, Shugs, BC, Pike, Kenmore, RIP TIMMY, RIP SAMMY.

Kendra: After that you were on a little break before you headed out on tour again. What are/did you do to prep and what can fans expect when they head out to see you guys?

John Jr.: We don’t prep shit. Well, I guess if you consider quitting our jobs and giving up our apartments preparation, we did all that. We’re heading out on a few tours that collectively equal like four months, so there’s no way we could keep that shit up and be on the road.

Kendra: Going off your single, if you had to make a mixtape all about having “Peace on Earth,” what five songs would have to be on it?

John Jr.: Our five choices would be:
Joey Ramone “What A Wonderful World
The Beatles “Come Together
Led Zep “Whole Lotta Love
The Zombies “Time of the Season
Operation Ivy “Unity


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