#FBF: Spice Girls at Staples Center

Photo Credit: spacecadet.tumblr.com

We’re done talking about favorite songs and are moving on to my most memorable shows throughout April. Sadly, this one did not occur when I was a mere 5th grader, but a freshman in college. Why? Because my mom couldn’t afford to take me as a kid, and because one of the best parts of the 90’s had reunited to spoil us with one last go (unless those tour rumors with Backstreet Boys wind up being true…). Seriously, though – this is hands down my favorite show ever and I’m not even sure why. Maybe it was the intensity that came with getting tickets, the solo chick next to us dancing alone with only her drink to keep her company, or perhaps it was my childhood self finally getting to sing along to some of the most ridiculous songs – ever.

Every generation has a musical moment and for mine, it was not the day Kurt Cobain’s death was announced. We were not that poignant. Oh no, we had the day Kurt Loder popped onto the screen with the breaking news that Ginger had left the Spice Girls. Me and some friends were in my room and I just remember us being insanely upset, and then calling the girl in our class whose favorite was Geri and telling her she was out – because you know, all girls pretended to be the Spice Girls. Being a fat kid and far from feminine, I was their manager. Anyways, it was a sad day and we all have to admit that they just we not the same without their redheaded vixen. Of course boy bands were started to take our interests – so most of us quickly moved on but man oh man, for those of us who missed out on their shows then – it was like we’d never see them again.

Then a miracle from the heavens came and they announced a reunion tour. You had to sign up for a damn code to get tickets and even then, you could only get four. Three of us wanted to go, but none of us got a code, or so we thought. Then a girl we’d met through Fall Out Boy said she had one and only needed to buy two…push came to shove and me and my best friend forgot about the need for a third ticket and swooped in to secure the pair. YES, months from then we’d see them. Oh that third ticket? He ended up having a code and bought three tickets to surprise us. Those tickets went to waste…shame, shame, shame.

Okay so the wait was worth it and the show as AH-MAZING. To open AND close with “Spice Up Your Life?” Hello, genius. Everyone needs to have those few things in life that instantly take them back to when they were a fat kid in bicycle shorts and oversized Winnie the Pooh tees with a backpack placed on one shoulder. Spice Girls live, well that’s apparently one of my things – and the thing of the thousands of people who were screaming and singing that night. Has any other show topped this one? Nope, not yet but…if they want to reunite again and head out with my number one – that would do it, and also break my minuscule bank account. For real though, I’d love a Spice Girl/BSB tour but my current financial situation’s screaming for them to stay far away from one another.


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