GML: Batman vs. UGH!

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Just to touch on what went down last week, I’ve now heard that you can get a refund for your Justin Bieber meet & greets, but that means giving back your pit pass tickets. Which means you have to buy all new ones. Okay, can we all say, “That’s fucked up?” Another thing that’s fucked up – spending, or rather – wasting money on that Batman vs Superman movie. Did you see it? I’m sorry if you did. Literally 20 minutes in, me and my boyfriend looked at one another and agreed we should’ve seen My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2. The random flashbacks, Wonder Woman always wearing her golden collar with gowns, having to see Batman’s parents die for the 23253243rd time, Jesse Eisenberg just playing every character he’s played before – a twitchy mess. Also, the “vs” part was like five minutes and SPOILER ALERT, Batman was cool to stand down after he learned he and Superman’s mom have the same name? Please let every other movie we see this year actually be worth our time.

Okay, moving onto better news – You can tell what time of year it is by the amount of tour announcements that are getting announced. The Rebel Light will be heading out with The Mowglis in April, and you can check out more of their dates below. While Refused will be coming through California in late May,while White Lung will be kicking off their run of shows at the start of that same month and work their way through North America before winding down in San Francisco in August.  Then there’s Holy Fuck who won’t be out until June but will be hitting all the major cities until they wind down in July over in Philly.

Now for this week’s handful of video picks!

Crown Plaza “Staring At The Wall”

A+A “Changes”

Eskimeaux “Drunk”

Free Cake For Every Creature “Talking Quietly Of Anything With You”

Perturbator “Sentient”


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