Willowside Park: Hollowed Out

Do they celebrate Easter overseas or is that just another American holiday built up around stuffing our faces? That thought crossed my mind today as I prepared myself to sit down and get into Willowside Park’s latest. A pop punk band from England, this group’s Hollowed Out was what you’d expect but not much more.

The record starts out with a lot drama in “Embers” and while I loved the music that surrounded “Old Sea Wall,” the vocals were lacking just a bit. The same can and is going to be said about the energetic “Atlas.” Up to this point, I could see this band opening for any pop punk band out there right now and perhaps gaining the attention and fandom of the younger kids in the audience who’d be drawn to the pure liveliness, but it’d take something more to get someone my age to hop on board. Which “Fading” does. It comes in at the end and is the best one. It showcases this band has something to them and with them being young, they have room to grow.

Put Willowside Park on the right tour and their energy alone will garner them some young girls and guys at their merch table, but what I would’ve liked was a little more depth in what they were delivering. With that, if you like pop punk that scrapes the surface of what the genre is capable of, then you check out Hollowed Out, out April 8.


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