#FBF: New Found Glory “Truth of My Youth”

Photo Credit: vans-warped-crew.tumblr.com
Photo Credit: vans-warped-crew.tumblr.com

It’s weird to think back and realize that one of your favorite bands hasn’t written many of your favorite songs. Not just songs you like hearing live or that come on and make you smile, but the ones that mean as much to you as an old friend. New Found Glory has been one of the only bands to stick with me from my teen years into today. The others either don’t exist, I grew out of or started making music that failed in comparison to when I first fell in love. Not NFG though, yeah – I’d take some older records over some more recent ones but all in all, you can’t hate on this band. They come out and give it their all each and every time and even when one of their own fucks up – they shake it off and continue on. All that said though, with all the albums and all the songs only two are, again, like old friends.

I often think about the soundtracks of our lives and what mine would be, and while some songs have gotten cut over the years – sorry Simple Plan. You didn’t last. New Found Glory’s “Truth of My Youth” has always been around and with each year has inched its way further and further into the final mix. From lyrics about leaving your hometown to the following below, I always think I’m over hearing it live and then it comes on and those thoughts instantly disappear into the atmosphere and I fall for it all over again.

These are my thoughts written down on paper,
It’s my only savior,
From not saying what I want to say,
These are the thoughts that are on my mind,
Moments that haven’t yet been defined,
And I don’t know if you could ever understand,
These are the things I can’t say when were alone.

Talking has never been my favorite thing. Yes, I could talk to a total stranger for about an hour or so about some random show from the 90’s, but feelings – I’d rather sit outside in the freezing cold in a bikini eating Ben & Jerry’s while doing that ice bucket challenge. This has been the case for a long time and why I kept journals when I was younger, throwing them away before they were filled out of fear that someone would find them and expose my thoughts. Kind of ironic now that I’ll post almost every thought I have now somewhere on the internet. Anyways, writing has always given me the voice I fail to use outloud and at the end of the day, it’s not just a hobby I do – it’s my way of making a living. It’s really become a crucial part of my life.

While New Found Glory hasn’t written many songs that have changed my life or made me think twice, they are behind one that will forever be a part of me.


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