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This past week I got the chance to see four out of the however many panels at PaleyFest. It’s a TV fan’s dream come true – in some ways. There are a lot of lows about it, but the one thing I walked away with was the cult that is the fandom of American Horror Story. They screamed, they cried – they made me a little scared but that’s really why that show has been able to stick around. That’s why anything in entertainment exists and I think the cast and creators of that show in particular welcome the crazy.

I was thinking about that as Wendy Williams started talking about Justin Bieber breaking hearts during his latest tour by bowing out of meet and greets because they’re just too hard for him to do. I get that his fans can be a little much, but from what I heard – that package was like 20 people, it’s not hard to control 20 people and tell them, “Hey, if you want to be here, you’re going to act civil. Don’t pull his damn hair, don’t try and impregnate yourself. Calm it down and chill.” Williams pointed out how fans make the star and even on days when she has other things on her mind – she pulls through and meets with fans after the show because that’s just part of the job. I agree 100%. I’m not saying celebrities have to be like Taylor Swift, who Williams believes is “WEIRD” for having fans at her house and whatnot, but when the time is appropriate – take the time to be nice. Plus, Bieber’s fans spent some $2,000 for meet and greets. Thankfully with proof of purchase, they can get refunds.

Again though, when the time is appropriate. That means fans shouldn’t expect a jolly hello and a picture when they see their favorite celebrity out and about with their friends and family. There is a time and a place, and at a concert – that is the time and place, so Bieber – stop whining and power through. Those teens and tweens deserve some respect for allowing you to live as lavishly as you have been all these years.

Now moving on…When it came to tours this week, I thought – am I 16 again? Warped Tour is coming with Good Charlotte (not in CA and I’m pissed) and New Found Glory, and Simple Plan is also heading out soon. You can check out those dates above. To come more into a modern world, Frank Turner will be doing some festivals in early May before hitting the road May 22 in Arkansas before wrapping it up in late August. Young Magic will also be heading out in May, but Gin Wigmore will be touring a little sooner starting next week on March 27 in DC.  Speaking of next week, The Mynabirds will be playing the west coast then and they also have a new video below!

The Mynabirds “Velveteen”

MOONSORROW “Suden Tunti”

Patent Pending “Six Feet”

Caligula’s Horse “Turntail”

Summer Flake “Wine Won’t Wash Away”


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