Getting to Know The Grisly Hand


Out in Kansas City, MO sits one of my favorite people in the world – a fellow writer obsessed with Parks and Recreation. That was until I got to know The Grisly Hand. Now I know more than one person out that way and these ones are a rock and roll band who have an album out, Flesh & Gold, and are looking to spread their music near and far. Let’s get to business and get to know more about these guys and gal.

Kendra: With all the superhero movies out and about, what origin story is more like your bands the Justice League or the X-Men; heroes coming together or misfits banding together and why?

Jimmy Fitzner: I gotta tell ya, after the Royals won the Series, we were definitely all coming together. So Justice League.

Kendra: With your name having “Hand” in it, it made me think of that Jewel song and the ridiculous lyrics it inhabited. With that, what’s the silliest song you’ve ever heard?

Mike Stover: Probably this ode to/battle cry about Johnny Cueto:

Jimmy: A real call to arms, if you will.

Kendra: Hopefully none of your own and hopefully none on your latest Flesh & Gold which has an Afro-Cuban flare to it. Was that style an innate feeling when you started the band, or did it develop over time?

Mike: One song, “Satan Ain’t Real”, does have that vibe. But mainly we’re a rock and roll band.

Kendra: Back to Flesh & Gold, there’s a song on there called “Baby Talk.” Now some think doing that in a relationship is cute – what are your thoughts?

Jimmy: It’s a play on words, because the song is about trying to communicate with your first born child. Hence “Baby Talk.”

Kendra: Another song that caught my attention was “Name in Lights.” What venue in this grand world do you dream of seeing “The Grisly Hand” on the marquee, all lit up?

Jimmy: Shitty’s. Hands down.

Mike: Actually, any old marquee will do, we’re into cheap thrills.

Kendra: Speaking of, what are your tour plans these coming months?

Jimmy: We mostly play around Kansas City, though we’re dying to head back out to play these new songs! Chicago is always great, we’d also love to go back to White Water Tavern in Little Rock. Maybe wherever you’re from??

Kendra: If you had to make a mixtape that best represents your hometown, what five songs would have to be on it?

The Grisly Hands: Any song by:
New Riddim
Ad Astra Per Aspera
Hermon Mehari


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