Whosah: Work

Sitting at Hollywood and Highland with my fingers feeling the odd chill in the air for the first day of Spring in California listening to Whosah’s Work while waiting to see what Ryan Murphy has to say about American Horror Story. That’s my current state as I write these words down in a hurried pace as to not forget a thing I want to say about this record that unexpectedly made me a fan of the band at hand.

Usually I like to go in order of how I heard things, but the first song to make its way to me was so great – I will have to save it for last and deliver the rest of my thoughts before we get to all that. Growing up in a small town that’s not notable on a lot of maps, “Ghost Town” resonated with me and it was a good mix of indie and pop, as was “Something More.” That one actually was what I wished Hellogoodbye would’ve evolved to sound like when they went from quirky Warped Tour participants to some hipster wannabes. “Something More” was what they should’ve been, but it’s cool – Whosah is making up for their loss. While both of those were indie and pop all rolled into one, “Perhaps We Were” was more indie rock and anchored things. Now onto the song that made me actually perk up, sink down, smile and then want to cry in public. “Forget About It” is for anyone who feels like their choices are always being undermined and looked down upon. It’s now March, almost April, and I’ve yet to care about a song this much for my end of the year list. I’ve heard albums but not one individual song has made the cut until now.

Indie infused pop done in the best way possible to make you feel like you’re on neither side of the line with either genre, until the end. It’s a great EP that’s full of life and some hope with one of my new favorite songs. If you need to find solace in some music, or like to move – check out Whosah’s Work, out now.


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