#FBF: Jack’s Mannequin “Miss Delaney”

Jacks Mannequin Maverick Records
When me and my best friend were in college, we made our own religion and I can’t remember who Andrew McMahon was at the time in all this, but he was in there along with Jack Johnson, Chuck E. Cheese and Ashlee Simpson (I think we have to talk about that one today).

Something Corporate was never a band I freaked out about. I like the songs I like and that’s about it. When they were the surprise at Bamboozle Left – I was upset because I was sure it was going to be My Chemical Romance. Jack’s Mannequin though, now there was a band I attached myself too thanks to them being played on repeat in that same bestie’s car freshman year. Okay, rewind – Everything in Transit was an album I attached myself too. Yeah, that’s better…and while my favorite song is far from “Miss Delaney” when you line them all up – it had one of my favorite lines ever penned and that’s why it’s this week’s memory.

“In no time there’ll be
One less sad robot
Looking for a chance to be
Something more than just metal”

Maybe it’s because I’d had a toy robot by my side since I was 14-years-old, but when I was sitting there one day in the summer of ‘06, that line just hit me and I knew right then and there that I wanted it on me. Five years later I finally met Andrew, got him to write it down and now have it forever on my arm. It goes with the sketch of said robot. Blink (robot’s name) aside though, he’s not why I got or loved the lyric.

We’re all born with labels stapled to us. From day one we’re either a boy or a girl, growing up you’re given jock, nerd, slacker, etc. while in school and then you get even older and more labels just keep on coming, but when do we ever break away from them and prove to ourselves that we’re more than the box society has created for us? Then I wasn’t sure what box I was trying to break out of at 19, but almost a decade later I think I know and every time I look down at those 20 words on my arm – I’m reminded of that.

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