GML: Ariana Can Act?

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This past Saturday people were like, wow..Ariana Grande can really sing and act. Um, okay – well yeah. If you’d ever seen her on Nickelodeon’s Victorious, you know this is true but I love how this week it was like SNL had discovered this talent that’d been hiding for years. Plus, didn’t everyone see her viral video from when she was on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon? She did Celine there and it was as amazing then as it was last weekend. That was the only music related thing that really caught my eye this week. Well that and Taylor Swift and that Calvin Harris making too big of a deal about their one-year anniversary…of dating. What do you think her next record will sound like…will she wait until it’s over or write about the love that comes from a year?

Speaking of being over, Motion City Soundtrack announced they were going to be heading out on a farewell tour. Not my absolute favorite band in the world, but damn do I love and respect the random ramblings of their lyrics, and the fact that they’re always on point when they walk on stage. They start the end on May 5 in Portland and wrap up in June before playing one last show August 6 in New Jersey. Former Belle isn’t saying goodbye, but hello to an April run on the east coast with a handful of dates. Then of course, Taste of Chaos is back with Taking Back Sunday and Dashboard Confessional. You can check out the dates below.

Now for this week’s video picks!

Jesse R. Berlin “I’ve Really Never Been Prepared For You”

The Last Shadow Puppets “Aviation”

Wanderwild “Misty Morning”

James Edge and the Mindstep “On A Red Horse”

St. Niklas “C-O-O-L”


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