Brianne Nemiroff On the Glam and Reality of Writing

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From a degree in music and film to a Certificate in Political Journalism from Georgetown, Brianne Nemiroff has written in a number of areas in her career. Today she’s the Online Managing Editor over at Viva Glam Magazine. Like writers, she started out contributing to them for no pay and worked her way up over the past few years.

She’d been doing that remotely for years until just recently when she packed up and headed down the coast from the Bay to the LA area. Today she does her thing around the City of Angels from attending dining events to interviewing some of the biggest names in music when they come through town. Brianne is a symbol of what hard work in this industry is all about. While she knows all too well that an insane boss can drive you mad, all you have to do is move on and be well. She talked about that and so much more below…

Kendra: You’ve been with Viva Glam Magazine for a while now. How does your experience there compare to your last writing gigs?

Brianne Nemiroff: For the most part, any other position I’ve held has been in entertainment except for one editor position where there was no sense of work/life balance. I learned a lot of what NOT to do in that position. But right now I’m in the best place I’ve ever been in and I love working for Viva Glam.

Kendra: Is there any difference between the NorCal and SoCal writing scene?

Brianne: I find that there are more jobs in SoCal than NorCal, especially for writers, which is why I still worked remotely for an LA-based magazine (Viva Glam) while living in the Bay Area. The publications I came across in NorCal were usually about technology, social issues, and culture in general – areas that aren’t my forte.

Kendra: In your career so far you’ve interviewed everyone from actors to pop stars, do you ever get star struck? Not just because they may be famous but because you’re a longtime fan like when you got to chat with Nick Carter or Pierre of Simple Plan?

Brianne: Not really. I’ve always treated celebrities like any other human being, as that’s what they are! A lot of celebs are bombarded with fans and paparazzi shoving phones in their face for selfies so I make it a point to act professional and do nothing of that sort. However, if I am interviewing someone I admire, I always start the conversation by telling them how much I enjoy their work. As celebs of their caliber have also done hundreds of interviews in their life, I find it helps them feel more comfortable with me as they know I actually want to be there and put effort into my questions unlike a lot of entertainment journalists today.

Kendra: Every career choice has its share of insane bosses but it seems like bloggers and such run into them a whole lot more. What’s your advice to fellow writers out there who may be dealing with horrendous editors?

Brianne: To be a writer, one no longer has to go from publication to publication in person and pitch a story to become published. One can now create their own blog and share it with the world. Because of this, the only plus that established publications have is “exposure” and therefore they think their exposure is worth more than cash or a work/life balance, after which writers often get tossed aside or abused.

I’ve worked with an editor before who constantly changed my work only to add in their own personal opinions. It was ridiculous and disrespectful. My only advice would be, for anyone in a stressful work environment, is to get out as soon as you can. Find an editor that respects you or is willing to work with you to get you to where you need to be. You don’t need to work for a bully.

Kendra: Have you ever given any thought to branching out and starting your own site?

Brianne: I’ve given thought to it but I’d prefer to keep building Viva Glam with my wonderful editor, Katarina Van Derham, and develop Pearlesque Box with the amazing founder, Rochelle Langere. One day, I will probably start my own company but I highly doubt it will be my own publication.

Kendra: If you had to make a mixtape that was all about living that Glamorous life, what five songs would have to be on it?

Brianne: For me, living the “glamorous life” means working hard and playing hard. That said, here are my choices!

Rule the World” -Walk off the Earth
City is Ours” -Big Time Rush
All in Day’s Work” -Danity Kane
Remember the Name” -Fort Minor
Work B**tch” -Britney Spears

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