Reuben Gore Living that ‘97 High

Reuben Gore - Live Your Life - Promo Shot 2
It’s not hard to convince most people that the 90’s was grand decade. Of course, that’s the case for any decade when you ask those who grew up in it. It’s odd however when the love comes from someone who only spent a few years in said decade. Odd, but not rare since we see many obsessed with the 50’s and even the 80’s who weren’t even a thought back then. All of this said, it was to introduce you too Reuben Gore.

Barely 19-years-old this year, Gore fell in love with the sounds of the 90’s very early on and they went on to influence him to be in a band. While that is now a memory, he says fans of Sencha may find them playing a reunion show in a pub one day. For now he’s focusing on this solo career and we talked about that, narcissism and much more…

Kendra: Being in a band all throughout high school, what made you want to go out on your own?

Reuben Gore: We had good times as a band in Sencha but I found that we only really collaborated in a live sense. I produced, recorded, mixed and wrote the majority of the EP and did all our graphics. We were, and still are in the early stages of our lives and I feel that as a solo artist with a separate live band there is less confusion and I have more freedom.

Kendra: What challenges and blessings have come with being solo now?

Reuben: I think it’s difficult to appear humble as a solo artist. When I produced the “Live Your Life” video clip I used my mates to tell the story. The story and themes of my songs are the focus, not me. I still feel just as supported by everyone as I did when I was in the band, and I’m enjoying the freedom.

Kendra: You were born in ‘97 and note how much you love it. For me it was just my childhood, but what is it for you?

Reuben: I can’t recall any of that year of course, however it was the year I was born into and I find it satisfying piecing together the music and culture of that time. The late nineties saw so many big alt-rock albums come into the spotlight and music production at the time had reached new heights. It’s incredible how much has changed in those past 20 years.

Kendra: What ‘90s fad would you want to make permanent, be it fashion, television, anything else that comes to mind?

Reuben: Bring back the Nintendo 64.

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Kendra: One of your favorites, Coldplay, played the Super Bowl Halftime Show this year. If you had the chance to join them, what song of theirs would you have wanted to partner up for on that stage?

Reuben: I think the majority of Coldplay’s new stuff is trash, so I’d go back to the good old days where they could strategically use a limited number of instruments to create a complex sound. “Shiver,” “Yellow” and “In My Place” – great tunes.

Kendra: Or maybe you guys could’ve done your latest, “Live Your Life.” You’ve noted your album deals a lot with the idea of narcissism. Some think that idea is a something that plagues only teenagers but it’s not. Everyone is a victim, but why do you think that is?

Reuben: Haha not sure what Coldplay would think of the track. At this point in time, technology allows us to be bombarded with how our lives could be better, by advertisers and by our own social circles. It’s this pressure that causes the snowball effect, making people continually raise the bar to show that they are better than everyone else.

Kendra: What’s your tour schedule look like this year?

Reuben: I’ll be doing a few shows around Adelaide including playing at the RAW showcase evening at the Producers Hotel.

Kendra: If you had to make a mixtape that best represented ‘97, which five songs would have to be in it?

Blur – “Song 2
The Verve – “Bittersweet Symphony
Radiohead – “Karma Police
Daft Punk – “Around The World
Oasis – “D’you Know What I Mean?


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