Relick: Twin House

This weekend was Daylight Savings Time but looking outside, I’d say California missed the boat. Clouds have rolled in and the sun is nowhere to be seen. As people in LA scurry inside out of fear it may rain and god forbid water hit their iPhones, I’m laying in bed with hunger pains in my tummy and Relick’s Twin House in my ears. Their indie pop meets alternative sounds filling the room and leaving me thinking of tours they’d fare well on.

When “Offering” started up, my mind instantly went to some college station in the 90’s that was also spinning Liz Phair. Then I looked and this band is considered “retro-indie rock.” When did that decade become retro, and more importantly – when did I get this old? As I looked in the mirror for age spots, a more poppy tune came in when “I Wouldn’t Lie To You” rolled on through. I could hear that on a mix alongside Gold Motel and Empty Houses the same way I could hear “Sour Grapes” on the soundtrack to a coming of age movie penned by Diablo Cody starring some 19-year-old up and coming actress. All the while Relick’s Amber Nicholson was handling things with the vocals and then walked in “Sun” and while I was thrown for a loop to hear a more masculine take on things, it did provide a nice balance and showcased that this band had some surprises up their sleeves.

The sun may not be shining here as I write these words down, but at least the shimmer left behind by Relick’s latest is doing enough with their pop meets indie rock vibes. If you’re a fan of what the kids are calling retro-indie, then check out Twin House, out now.


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