#FBF: Jimmy Eat World’s “The Middle”

Photo Credit: chasingsimple.tumblr.com
Photo Credit: chasingsimple.tumblr.com

Good Charlotte’s “The Click” came to be as a kid, but it wasn’t until I was grown that Jimmy Eat World’s” “The Middle” mattered to me. I’d heard the song when I was in high school but back then I would’ve bet money that the chorus sang, “Elephant, elephant will be be alright.” For some time, I really did not understand what the hell was going on in that song. Like, okay – this band really has a thing for elephants and then my mind wandered to this lady I’d met in line one time at Jimmy Kimmel who adored the animal as well. This is how my mind works people…

Anyways, fast forward to today and I find solace in every line and it calms me down at times when life can be overwhelming. Like when you’re sitting there with nothing but your own thoughts and you start to think about this, that, how you’re failing, all the work you have to do, the idea that the next President of the USA could be a racist prick – you know, stuff like that. You can find me during those times at around 2pm just laying down with this song on repeat and me listening intensely like it’s the work of Beethoven.

Here’s why this song started to mean more to me; after learning it was not about Dumbo and his relatives that is. When you live differently than people expected of you, or think you should – you tend to wonder if they’re right. You can begin to question every choice you’ve made and make. You then reach a point in your life where that doesn’t matter anymore though. My mom always said the older you get, the less you start to care what others think. She was completely right and I wish it wasn’t a lesson that came with age. Imagine feeling completely okay with who you are at like…13? You can’t because the teenage mind is a wonder, at least that’s what I’ve learned living through it and watching Degrassi for some 15 years.

Another reason I love this one is because it makes you feel like you can get through the bullshit because sometimes you can feel like giving up when times get rough but you just keep on trucking because like the song says, “It just takes some time…Everything, everything will be alright, alright.” I mean, if we all lived the same story none would be worth reading.


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