GML: We Thirsty
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In the week that housed International Women’s Day, Kim Kardashian posted a naked selfie and the world went ballistic. Like this is the first time her naked body had been out and about. Whether or not she was the one to clap back at her three celebrity haters (some believe it was Kanye West), can be argued but really though – those three only fed the fire. People don’t post on social media because they want to be ignored. Most, all, do it for some sort of reaction.

Witty jokes we think to ourselves – we can only hope get favorited or better yet, retweeted. Instagram posts only matter when they reach 10 or 11 (whichever it is so they have a solid number and not just a list of names. Oh, and if you can cause more than one person to get in on your Facebook post – you’ve won the day. At least that’s what we think in our minds. That’s because we’ve transformed into a not only self-obsessed culture, but one that seeks out approval on a regular basis, even of the negative nature because as they say, even bad press is press.

So if you don’t want to show someone you care, the best way you can do that is just scroll on by and not even acknowledge. Trust, it literally drives people mad, like mad cow mad. Imagine if NO ONE liked or even noted that Kim pic. She would’ve likely been declared insane by that night, as she envisioned her reality empire falling apart.

This isn’t to say I’m above this. I’m a blogger – I freaking live for the views. Literally, views get your work seen, views in some cases get you paid, views are golden in this line of work. I just wanted to note how thirsty social media has made us and how leaving people parched is your best defense against those you can’t stand. So Bette, Piers, Chloe – you just should’ve scrolled by and been like, whatever…


Now onto tour news because that’s something that should never be ignored. The Hotelier announced a US Tour that will have them on the road starting in May, and they won’t be home until the summer. This month though Cutters will be on the road, as will Stephen Steinbrink. She’ll also be landing down in LA come April. Speaking of, Fucko (best. name. ever.) will be doing a quick tour in April from the 16th through the 26th. Now onto five videos that should not be ignored either. Never ignore music, unless it’s LMFAO. Really, that’s just a sad attempt at making noise.

Gypsy & The Cat “Inside Your Mind”

Wylder “Swells”

Prism Tats “Death or Fame”

Metacara “Hornets”

Knifeworld “High/Aflame”



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