The Woman Behind Shout It Loud Reviews On Age, Stress and Finding Confidence

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Within the span of a week a young Chloe Bevan went to her first two shows and knew at 11-years-old she and music were going to be close friends the rest of her life. Robbie Williams show, she said, “…his diversity in his sound definitely introduced me to a number of genres from being very young,” while The All-American Rejects later that week was her first lesson in rock and to this day she still holds Move Along close to her heart.

A handful of years later she started writing and entered the world of blogging and she notes later on in this interview how being a woman never put a damper on her career, but how her age played a part early on but she overcame the haters and went on to start Shout It Loud Reviews and now onto the rest with Chloe…

Kendra: When you headed off to college, was journalism your first choice when it came to majors or was there another area of study in your mind?

Chloe Bevan: When it came to picking higher education when I left school, I didn’t really have a clear idea in mind for what I wanted to go on to do. I knew that I wanted it to be involved in music or writing and better yet both! I toyed with the idea of music engineering for a little while, but I have always had a love for words and the meaning behind the music, so music journalism fell very nicely into place.

Kendra: Come 2011 Shout It Loud Reviews was born. What was the hardest part of getting that off the ground then?

Chloe: I think to a certain degree the battle never stops as I am always wanting it to be bigger, better and brighter. I think the hardest thing was building a loyal following and being able to produce as much content as I possible could, because at the time I was still in education, so there was a real balancing act being lectures, studying and writing for the site.

Kendra: Looking back, how much have you grown in terms of your interview skills comparing your first with your most recent?

Chloe: I would say my skills have developed a lot! Definitely, more from a confidence and building a rapport kind of way. When starting out interviews were not my favourite things to do from a face-to-face point of view, they were at times a little awkward. I mean realistically they probably weren’t, but at the time they feel like it. I think from a development point of view it’s all really a learning curve about adapting to new and different situations, which I think ready came with experience of doing more interviews over the years.

Kendra: What do you think is the biggest problem female music bloggers face?

Chloe: I have to say as a female journalist and blogger I haven’t really ever experienced any problems due to my gender. However, when I did first start out I did find my age could be a barrier. Only being 16-years-old at the time, I did feel as though at times I wasn’t taken as seriously as I could have been and should have been. But I have learnt over time, working in the industry how to adapt to situations to get want I want or needed from that situation. Whether it be using my knowledge of the industry, using my authority or having to shout a little bit louder.

Kendra: Have you learned anything from writing for The Huffington Post that you’ve then taken and implemented on your own site?

Chloe: Definitely! I have learnt to have a thicker skin when it comes to my work as there is going to be criticism, a lack of interested or want for your writing and that’s ok. Not everyone is going to like what you have to say, how you say it or what you’re writing about and instead of dwelling on it, you have to look at it in a positive light and move forward. I would also say it has taught me to be a lot more critical of my work. Always thinking how I can make it better and would someone else want to publish it.

Kendra: What’s the future of Shout It Loud Reviews hold?

Chloe: For the moment it is just making Shout It Loud Reviews bigger and better than it has ever been before! There will be more news, reviews, interviews, features and exclusive videos.

Kendra: If you had to make a mixtape that best represented your writing career so far, what five songs would be at the top?

Chloe: This is a really tough question! These songs are in my top five as they represent the stresses and growing up process of my career, my determination that has gone into it, also the lessons along the way that have taught me to let go of things sometimes and seeing the little victories. They also show my love of music from the local scenes.

Paramore – “Last Hope
State Champs – “Easy Enough
Panic! At The Disco – “Victorious
PaperPlane – “Strings Like Ribbons
Twenty One Pilots – “Stressed Out


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