Anton Kellner & The Lone Stars: Understand

It was a few years back now that I first got introduced to Anton Kellner. I was emailing him about working together when I was with this one company. Nothing ever came of it, but since then I’ve paid attention to what he and The Lone Stars have been up to because I like good people. So when their new record came through my inbox, I knew I wanted to give it a listen and I’m glad I did. There was a little honky tonk going on with Understand but overall it was music that painted a picture of a summer night sitting by still water, reflecting on this and that all at once.

The title track sets the tone of the record while the rest show was storytellers Anton Kellner & The Lone Stars are as they construct say simple but striking things like “…found myself in a bodybag” in “Notions” and tell of heartbreak in “Losing Your Blood.” What I didn’t quite get was change of moon when it came to “Broke.” It was like we walked from the water and into a dive bar on country night. It was like the odd man out, but “Should Be.” That is the stand out of the whole album. I really thought I’d be able to pour myself into “Broke” based solely on the title, instead I was attached to “Should Be” thanks to “…push me down, because I’m on fire anyway…” If you wanted the star student of this class right off the bat, go to this one first and work around it.

Good people are hard to find in this world and that’s why Anton has been someone I’ve kept an eye on, the music makes him hard to miss as well. If you’re a fan of artists such as Jason Isbell and Grammy nominee James Bay, check out Anton Kellner & The Lone StarsUnderstand, out now.

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