#FBF: Good Charlotte’s “The Click”

When it comes to hearing your favorite songs, I can only imagine it’s like hearing your child speak for the first time. A fair comparison, right? Unfortunately this is the only one of my favorites being covered this month that I’ve yet to hear live. Damn you self for being a mere child when this song may or may not been in rotation on Good Charlotte’s setlist. Despite only ever hearing it over and over on CD and via YouTube, “The Click” remains one of my favorites because when you hear a song like this when you’re in middle school – it’s going to speak volumes to you.

It was the theme song for a hilarious show about an animated dudes in college called Undergrads. It was long before MTV went the way of Jersey and pregnant teens. Way back in the day when Carson Daly’s name was only associated with one show. Oh, those were the days…Anyways, I heard the song and was immediately hooked on it. I mean, like 15 years later and I still love every line – as cheesy as some may be, with everything I’ve got. If only Good Charlotte didn’t think they were above doing it for a US audience and had done it when they played the Troubadour recently. I know I would’ve been there crying, legit balling had they played it. I’m on the fence on whether or not I would’ve liked to hear it that night then. Would I have wanted to be the crying 28-year-old at Good Charlotte in 2015?

With each song this month, I’d like to point out my favorite line and talk about its importance. So here we go, “You go out on Friday night, I’ll stay in but that’s alright.” I remember transitioning from middle to high school and in our town, that means the freshman are made up of groups from two middle schools. With that social circles started to expand and other people were introduced. I was not a fan of that and as the years went on, my friends started to hang out with new people and I did not. I am very guarded and am not about letting a ton of new people into my life. Plus, I am my mother’s daughter and I am not a very sociable person. Small talk may as well be torture in a war to me. So this line always made me feel okay with that. It made me feel less uncool when they were out with others drinking, dating and living – while I was at home watching Reba. Hey, that was a great show and I still find myself watching reruns today. While it’s not the greatest song ever written, it will always be a personal reminder to be cool with doing you.


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